April 17, 2020
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It's been confirmed that the UK Lockdown has been extended for a further 3 weeks, but when you think about it, there's something liberating about the Lockdown. A UK poll this week says that since March 23rd, 49% of us are spending more time with our children, 39% of us are doing more gardening, 33% are reading more books, 25% have exercised more or tried a new form of exercise, whilst another 25% are playing more board games and puzzles! For those who can, now is a good time to take a pause from the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century world. For those who are still on the frontline, we salute you and hope you can find time to sit back and reflect on the amazing job you're doing.

We've got some great articles in this week's e-newsletter from some familiar voices; about the lockdown, about life, and in the case of Katrina (of the Waves), about the great '80s! There's also important news about US Economic Impact Payments, and a new survey for Expats to have their say on the key issues.

So stay indoors when you can, stay well, and enjoy your newsletter.
Article One

NEWS | IRS Introduces ‘Get My Payment’ tool for COVID19 Rebates

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Article Two

NEWS | IRS Launches Non-Filer Tool for Coronavirus Rebate

Article Three

NEWS | Concerns Raised Over Access to US Payments for Overseas Americans

Article Four

NEWS | Global Survey Launched for Overseas Americans

Article Five

NEWS | Warning Raised about US Election 2020 Postal Ballots

Article Six

NEWS | American Legion Encourages Virtual Memorial Day Events

Article Seven FEATURES | Lockdown Lessons from History
Article Eight FEATURES | Living Through History
Article Nine FEATURES | COVID in America – What Life’s Like in the States
Article Ten FEATURES | 21 Ideas on How to Handle the Lockdown
Article Eleven FEATURES | British Summer Time
Article Twelve MUSIC | Why We Love The '80s
Article Thirteen SPORTS | Enjoy Baseball at a Distance – in Space or Time
Article Fourteen SPORTS | Sports guy turns home teacher
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