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Charitable Giving (US and UK)

Anglo-American Charity Limited

Anglo-American Charity Limited

Two London-based expats founded the Anglo-American Charity Limited in 2003 to facilitate trans-Atlantic gifting for Americans living in the United Kingdom. In the last 16 years, the Anglo-American charity has facilitated gifts totalling over $25 million for more than 250 UK and US charities. The Anglo-American Charity is most useful for individuals who pay taxes in both the UK and the US. The UK is generous in its tax treatment of qualified charitable gifts which allows the charity and often the donor to get a tax rebate. A donor also qualifies for an itemized deduction on his US return. The minimum gift is $1,000/£750.

Contact: Jeff Hedges


CAF American Donor Fund

CAF American Donor Fund is the smart, easy, tax-effective way for dual US and UK taxpayers to give to charity and gain tax relief in both countries. Established for over 90 years, we support our clients with philanthropy expertise and our specialist team takes care of all the administration, helping you donate to your favourite charities.

Call: 03000 123 150 (lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm excluding UK bank holidays).

Stewardship America

If you have tax liabilities in the US and in the UK and want to donate with impact and efficiency, Stewardship America can enable you to give with the benefit of tax relief in both countries. Stewardship was established in 1906 and annually we help over 40,000 people to give more than £100million per year. Our team of experts have a specialisation in Christian generosity and are passionate about supporting our clients in all their philanthropic goals.

+44 (0)208 418 8896
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