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• 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Expat
• My James Bonds
• The Dance of Diplomacy
• All I Want For Christmas... Ideal Gifts
• The Shark is Broken - 'Jaws' on the London stage
• Kate Ellis, singer-songwriter and expat
• UK Trust Registration
• Simpson Cup - Veterans’ Golf
• NFL London Games
• Bishop Sycamore Football Scandal
• RIP Eddie Robinson, Baseball Lifer
A-List: Products & Services • News • Diary Dates • Arts Choice • Reviews • Food & Drink • US Social Groups Directory • Coffee Break Fun
The American


• Prince Andrew: The Palace's Triple Trouble
• London to Brighton: Vintage Cars & Alternative Fuels
• Britain & America, Surprisingly Linked By Plants
• Vietnam - No Wider War
• Still The Same Sky: 9/11 Twenty Years On
• Since 9/11: A Charity Aims to Stop Terror Attacks
• INTERVIEW: Christina Bianco
• INTERVIEW: Madeleine Peyroux
• The Plan for Younger Savers: financial advice
• Certain Uncertainties for the UK and Beyond
• Gay In The NFL Before Carl Nassib
• Four Decades Of Love/Hate With Football
The American


• A Mid-Westener's Guide to the Riviera
• 9 Things That Make Living in the UK Amazing
• The Royal Albert Hall's 150th Anniversary
• Anything Goes for Broadway Queen Sutton Foster
• American Museaum & Gardens Celebrates 60 Years
• The Corporate Tax Winds are Blowing -
How Should You Trim Your Sails?
• 5 Areas To Focus On in the 10 Years Before Retirement
• How the Pandemic Affected Expat Mental Health
• An NHL Season Like No Other
• Get The Divas Off The Lawn
• Is Ohtani the Next Babe Ruth?
• Sha'Carri Richardson Banned from Olympics
• Team USA Women Rugby Sevens Names Roster for Tokyo
• Sydney McLaughlin is Reinventing Hurdles
• Ugly Scenes Ruin USMNT Win
• Osaka Opens Mental Health Debate
• London Ready, Germany Scouted For NFL Games
The American


• How to Break Into the White House
• Holidays are back... A Postcard from Croatia
• It's Treason - the Musical
Rebecca LaChance interviewed
• Harry and Meghan Could Have Inspired So Many
Says Rose Hulse, Who Married Into Aristocracy
• D-Day Memories: Exercise Tiger Eye Witness
• D-Day Memories: British Sisters Remember GIs
• D-Day Memories: Black GIs Were Welcome in Britain
• Expat Tax Q&A: Ask the Experts
• PTSD: a Covid Side Effect
• The Psychology of Inheritance
• MLB Season Preview
• Fighting for Equality
Claressa Sheilds and Megan Rapinoe
• The Americans Behind the ESL 'Super League'
• Austin FC adds Hollywood Sparkle to MLS
• MLB All Star Game Boycott
• It's America's Cup (no matter who won it)
• Golf Masters, Old and New
The American


• Yanking Around... the Co-op
• The Show Must Go On... Despite Covid
• Keeping Time with Lincoln: His Only U.S. Watch
• The Veneer of Civilization: Causes of the Coup
• Celebrate Kamala For Her Talent, Not As A Pioneer
• Drive Time - All American Jeep 1941 and Mustang Mach 1
• Five Steps to Defeat the Next Pandemic
• Floss, Don’t Rinse! An American Dentist in the UK
• Mental Health for Expats in the Pandemic
• Covid’s Unexpected Outcome – Extra Savings
• 12 Things We Know About Tom Brady
• A Farewell To Sporting Stalwarts: Remembering Tommy Lasorda, Floyd Little, Paul Westphal & KC Jones
• NFL Draft: Trevor Lawrence Leads The Way
• Shiffrin Races to Record, LeBron Chases Legends
• Tiger Woods’ Career Crashes Again
• USA Eagles’ Twisted Route to Rugby World Cup Finals
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Astronaut Anne McClain - Mankind’s Return to the Moon; Suzi Quatro
• EXPAT LIVING: Fair’s Fair - Military and Expat Family Education; Pension Freedoms Five Years On; What’s New For Expats Filing US Taxes in 2021?
• Yanking Around Britain: New Expat Life Column
• Margaret Thatcher, From Iron Lady to Reagan's Go-Between
• Princess Vicky, The Best Queen We Never Had
• The American President of British Historic Houses
• Is Facebook Taking a T(r)oll On You?
• Sarah Gillespie: Music and Art and Coronavirus
• Eating is Cheating, at Least in London
• The Mutiny That Built America
• Singular Sensation: Broadway Memories
• The Ghost of Galileo, Found in an English Painting
• This Sovereign Isle: Americans Should ‘Get’ Brexit
• Politics: Even the ‘Anywheres’ are still ‘Somewhere’
• Playing Consequences: Lockdown Protests
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Mike Carlson on Sporting Presidents
The American


free to read digital lockdown edition

• INTERVIEWS: Devon Allman, Southern Rock Royalty; Loyd Grossman Interview on Bernini in Rome
• EXPAT LIVING: How a UK-US FTA Could Affect Your Visa; FOMO - Fight the Fear Of Missing Out; Sustainable Investing - the Future of Finance; Year End Tax Planning - 9 Things to Think About; 5 Steps to Car Ownership in the UK; Charitable Giving and the Pandemic; Cashing your Next US Stimulus Check in the UK
• Best of Both Worlds - Expat Life in Portugal and Spain
• My Expat Life - Chicago designer Lauren Lozano Ziol
• All the Places We Cannot See (Yet) - Travel in Ireland
• America’s Lenin Plot
• Military History - General Malin Craig
• The Loss of Main Street USA After COVID-19
• The British “Dude” and an American President
• Talking Turkey - Butterball’s Top Ten Tips
• COVID could reshape the American Dream for good
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Tampa Tom - Brady Heads South; The Virus Bowl - College Football and COVID; World Series 2020 Review; The Name Game - Controversial Team Tags; Jolly Good Sports - Winners Never Cheat ...Do They?
The American


free to read digital lockdown edition

• INTERVIEWS: Pee Wee Ellis, James Brown’s Right Hand Man; The Cadillac Three
• EXPAT LIVING: Expat or Immigrant - Leaving the United States; Back To School After The Lockdown; Eating Out to Help Out; Ace Your Goals With Branson’s Coach; Prepare for the Unexpected; COVID and Philanthropy; The Impact of COVID-19 on International Business; IRS Streamlined Filing
• Ben Franklin in London
• The Black Inventor Who Made It in Britain
• The First Transatlantic Airplane (no, not that one!)
• In The Clink
• Transatlantic Triumphs of Dick Merrill
• Vietnam - Learning from History
• The Royal ‘Hot Dog’ Picnic - George VI & FDR
• Churchill Myths Debunked
• To Defeat ‘The Few’ - How the Luftwaffe Nearly Won
• Eagle Against the Sun - The Pacific War
• Ring of Spies - Nazi Plots in London and America
• Betty Karash, from Pogroms to Occupied Japan
• The Democratic Party and Patriotism
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Mike Carlson on NASCAR; MLB 2020; The Original Home Run Derby; NBA is Back; Post-Pandemic Golf
The American


free to read digital lockdown edition

• INTERVIEWS: Violinist Shana Douglas; Our Man in New York; How Shakespeare Shaped America; Coffeeland; Washington’s Cabinet
• EXPAT LIVING: UK Budget for Expats; US University Admissions; Helping Charities under Covid; Get Your Coronavirus Relief Payments; Cryptocurrency Guidance; US Taxes;
• LOCKDOWN SPECIAL FEATURES: COVID in America; 21 Tips on Handling the Lockdown; Lessons from History; Working From Home; Online Learning; Better In Your Pyjamas?; Positive CoronaThoughts; Listen To Mother Nature; Living Through History; Reading Rocks; Dispatches from Canada; Sports Guy Turns Home Teacher
• Why We Love The 80s by Katrina (ex The Waves) Leskanich
• VE Day Memories - Forever Young
• British Summer Time - It’s Coming!
• James Naughtie’s American Adventures
• Lawrence of Arabia, Legend or Genius?
• Sisters in Arms: Women Fighters in the Civil War
• Virginia Hall: Transatlantic WW2 Spy
• Hope in Rust Belt Ohio
• AMERICAN SPORTS: The Mike Carlson Column - Enjoy Baseball at a Distance; If You Ain’t Cheating...; NFL Draft 2020; Phoebe Schecter, American Football Heroine
The American


• INTERVIEWS: King Calaway, New Country Stars; Eric Underwood, Dancer to Actor; Michael Tilson Thomas
• EXPAT LIVING: Estate Exemption; Tax Filing Deadlines; Investing in UK Pensions; US Pensions Changes 2020
• Spring at Cotswold Farm
• Liverpool City Break
• Hamburg, Europe’s Music City
• Sebastian Barry ‘On Blueberry Hill’
• Politics: A Brit Visits the Iowa Caucuses
• AMERICAN SPORTS: The Mike Carlson Column - XFL Mk2; Kobe Bryant Remembered; David Stern Obituary;
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Sara Bareilles; Julie Montagu, American aristocrat
• EXPAT LIVING: Advice for expats on tax, wealth managemt and charitable giving
• Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the Mayflower
• Mayflower 400, a year of special events
• Downton with shotguns! A New Year shoot
• House of Commons Library
• Parliamentary tour is a thrill
• US Paratroopers prepare for D-Day
• Michael Hersch & Tito Muñoz world premiere in London
• Unforgettable: Bishop Curry in London
• Carol Gould’s 44 years in Great Britain
• Boris’ election win: how it happened
• Charting Black Lives
• Politics: when fiction beats reality
• AMERICAN SPORTS: The Mike Carlson Column
The American


• INTERVIEWS: London's American Mayor
• EXPAT LIVING: State of the Market, buying UK property with dollars; Riding the currency waves; Co-owning a business; The Serendipity of Substantial Change
• The Bones of (Thomas) Paine
• The Lucky Bombardier
• A Thanksgiving Message from Ambassador Johnson
• UK Thanksgiving events
• Gentleman Jack - the US links
• Jeep Wrangler crosses the Rubicon
• Plymouth and the Mayflower
• Slapton Secrets: a World War II tragedy
• Veterans Day in the UK and Europe
• London’s American Mayor
• Meghan’s Tough Year
• AMERICAN SPORTS: NFL in Atlanta - Back in the ATL; NFL in London: Tottenham & Wembley; XFL summer football, your new teams
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Kenny Wayne Shepherd; Mr Speaker John Bercow goes to Washington; Nicole Henry as Aretha Franklin; Jamie Barton, America's Last Night of the Proms Queen
• EXPAT LIVING: Moving from Wyoming to the West Country; Tax; Schooling; Property buying
• Top secret! Anglo-American WW2 Operation Unveiled
• 1969 An Unhinged Year
• Shooters: America's mass murder epidemic
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Mike Carlson’s NFL Season Preview; NFL London Games 2019; NFL 100 - a century of pro football; The Boys of Autumn - College Football
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Graham Nash; Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts; Vietnam air ace Gail Peck
• EXPAT LIVING: Enterprise Investment; UK Stamp Duty for US Expats; Child Tax Credit; Foreign Trusts; Brexit: Time to return to the USA?
• Apollo 11 - Interview with Steve Bales, the man who gave the go-ahead to the Moon Landing
• Wade McClusky, hero of Midway
• After D-Day - The Normandy Campaign
• Politics: an Expat Yank Journo's View
• Jeffery Deaver: thriller writing masterclass
• James Meaders, US conductor in London
• AMERICAN SPORTS: MLB London Series; NFL Stanley Cup Playoffs; Golf - Is Koepka the best Major player ever?
The American


• INTERVIEWS: ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons; Renée Fleming; Alex Kingston and Ben Edelman
• EXPAT LIVING: Financial planning for US families; Tax - FBAR Errors and Foreign Trusts; Summer Tuition - combat learning loss; Taxpayer Advocacy Panel - get involved
• TRAVEL: Rebellious Spirit: Nottingham
• D-Day: the run up to the greatest invasion
• The Mi Amigo memorial flypast
• Bath: an American’s Guide
• The Best Beers in Britain - a road trip
• Plus ça change - our political pardigm shift
• AMERICAN SPORTS: NFL Free Agency; MLB Preview; Tiger takes the Fifth - US Masters; USWNT Soccer aims for World Cup Glory
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Denis O’Hare
• BREXIT FOR AMERICANS: How Brexit will affect YOU; Ninja Future - It’s gonna be OK; Regain control of your immigration status; Brexit For Americans – Good Or Bad?
• EXPAT LIVING: Tax Fairness for Overseas Americans; Social Security & State Pension for expats; Wealth Management in the Channel Islands; Expat Tax Challenges for 2019; Child Tax Credit Update; Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in the UK
• Meghan’s royal progress
• GIs: the build up to D-Day
• American father of London’s Underground
• A postcard from Wales
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Alternatives to the NFL; NBA in London; Super Bowl rundown
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Aaron Watson, Texan Country Star; Charlie Wood, US jazzer in London; Tiana Coudray equestrian star;
• EXPAT LIVING: Financial goals for the New Year; Do your own expat taxes; A New Year ‘s Tax Resolution; The New IRS Tax Return; Navigating Unchartered Financial Waters; 1-800Home - support your US consuls
• Frederick Douglass in Britain
• Actor’s Corner: Jim Jordan in Italy & Spain
• The Hot Sardines = hot jazz hits London
• Vietnam: Charlie Co.’s Journey Home
• John Redwood on Brexit
• End of the West?
• AMERICAN SPORTS: Brave New World of the NHL; The Art of the Dunk; USMNT at Wembley
The American


• INTERVIEWS: Peggy Seeger; Sarah McQuaid
• THANKSGIVING FEATURES: Eating out in the UK; Tips for the Holidays; The Ambassador’s Apple Pie
• EXPAT LIVING: 9 important questions for expats; Digital nomads - the price you pay; Educational consultancy specialists; My 40 years in St John’s Wood
• American Generosity
• Panto, the most British artform?
• Did America Win World War I?
• Global Climate Summit: What Next?
• AMERICAN SPORTS: NFL at Wembley; New BBL London Team, Simpson Cup Vets’ Golf
The American


• Adam Godley Interview
• How Special is the Special Relationship
• Miami FL, vacation ideas for Americans
• Americans in the British Parliament
• Since 9/11
• Retirement Plans for expats
• Expat Life
• Retaining your US passport
• Buying a UK home
• Education in the UK
• Global Climate Action Summit from the Inside
• US Sports: NFL & NCAA football
The American


• Star Interviews: Kelli O'Hara; Sandra Dickinson; Joan Armatrading; A Monster Calls
• Princess Elizabeth and the Americans
• An Isle of Wight Haven
• Jim Jordan's Actor's Corner
• Leonard Bernstein in Chichester
• Expat Tax Survey
• Relocation without Consent
• Walking for Charity
• US Sports: MLS, World Cup, NHL, MLB, US Open
• Competitions: All Star Lanes bowling party; It Happened in Key West tickets
• Diary Dates Specials: July 4th in UK; US acts at Edinburgh Fringe
The American


• Royal Wedding for Americans!
• Marin Alsop, Kathleen Turner & Bonnie McBird interviews
• Orvis in Britain
• Win Tickets to Ruthless! The Musical, Cropredy Festival
• How to fly the Atlantic and feel good
• New UK Visa rules for US expats
• Tax, Education, UK Visas for expats
• Travel: Rome
• Politics: Marching for our future
• NFL, MLB, NBA, Polo, Golf

The American


• 3 Great Competitions
• 10% Discount on American food
• 3 Great Competitions
• The price of expat divorce just increased
• Trump tax reforms for expats: Latest from Congress; Top Tax Tips; Tax for Expat owners of foreign businesses
• Miss Patricia Solves More Stuff
• INTERVIEW: Mary Gauthier records with US veterans
• INTERVIEW: Ex-Beatle Pete Best finds Lennon's Banjo
• TRAVEL: Cymru to Ohio and back; A Postcard from Wessex
• Americana UK Awards
• JFK's Special UK Relationship
• NFL; Baseball UK & Hall of Famers; American Rugby League star
The American


• New US Embassy preview
• TAX: IRS compliance campaign aimed at expats; Tax efficient 401(k) retirement plans
• Giving up your US passport? Take care!
• An American dentist in London
• Take The Bryson Line, fab charity walk
• Miss Patricia: The Markle Sparkle
• Valentine's Day roots
• TRAVEL: Italian coast by moped; Hadrian’s Wall
• Vote 100: how women got the vote
• INTERVIEWS: Jack Jones, veteran balladeer; Henry Gross, from Sha Na Na to Shannon
• POLITICS: Who owns the story?
• SPORTS: NHL Olympic no-show; New hockey franchise arrives in the desert
The American


• COMPETITIONS: Thanksgiving Turkey; Oscar Wilde tickets
• FINANCE: Social Investment; UK Tax Reliefs for Expats; Tax effective charitable giving; Pitfalls for the Philanthropic
• A Good (British) Education
• Law: Holidays abroad for separated parents
• Nine Ways to Nine Elms: how to get to the new US Embassy
• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ambassador Johnson talks to Americans in the UK
• Miss Patricia: 'Fun' with insurance
• Calcio Storico Fiorentino, brutal historic football
• INTERVIEW: Tori Amos
• POLITICS: What Shoots in Vegas...?; My Confederate Roots Are A Source Of Pride
• SPORTS: NFL London; NBA Season Preview; MLB Home Run Fever
The American


• UK Property in your investment plan
• US Passport: time to renounce yours?
• UK Education Essentials
• Stargate: the USA's Psychic War Experiment
• Remade in Italy: from death threats to dolce vita
• Interviews: Stockard Channing; Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule); Sid Griffin (Long Ryders); opera singer Andrea Baker
• Column: Miss Patricia seeks well spoken gentleman
• Travel: Short Break? Try the Lakes
• Driving: Ford Mustang goes sightseeing
• History: General Howe, the man who lost America
• Politics: The new Transatlantic reality
• Sports: NFL & NCAA Season Previews; NFL in London; Guts vs Genius in Golf; Hometown Baseball
The American


• COMPETITIONS: Hilarious play, Paris book
• US Travel Advice from US Border Agency
• Retirement: US/UK cross-border planning
• Insurance’s place in your wealth plan
• Property: living in Cobham, Surrey
• Interviews: F. Murray Abraham; Speaker of the House of Lords; Charley Boorman’s Recovery; Author Karin Slaughter
• Column: Miss Patricia Bites the Apple
• Edinburgh Fringe: the American acts
• Travel: Paris in luxury; Hay-On-Wye & Mid Wales
• Music: Richard Goode review
• Politics: How Brexit will affect US firms
• Sports: NHL Preview, Brits in the NFL, MLB, Golf – Obama at St Andrews
The American


• 4 Competitions
• Advice for expats on Saving, Pensions & Tax
• Columns and Features
• Anniversary: the USAAF arrived in England 75 years ago
• Dreaming of Oxford
• Interviews with Joe Boyd on 50 years since the Summer of Love and 'Migrant Bluesman' Eric Bibb
• Sir Robert Worcester on The UK Election
• American Sports: NFL Free Agency, Vegas Raiders, MLB Season Preview: The Boys of Summer Are Back.
The American


• COMPETITIONS: Tickets to Battle Proms and Elmer Bernstein at the Royal Albert Hall
• INVESTMENT: UK securities for US citizens
• FINANCE: Investing in change
• PENSIONS: Returning to the States?
• TAX: 3 big mistakes to avoid
• HEALTH: Dentistry - why go private in the UK
• FEATURE: "The first time I met Liz Taylor..."
• FEATURE: My Expat Life
• FEATURE: Miss Patricia on expat funerals
• INTERVIEW: An American in Paris stars Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope
• MUSIC: Jesse & Joy interview
• INTERVIEW: Lindsey Ferrentino
• THEATER: Lindsey Ferrentino interview
• POLITICS: The new Crucible
• MLB, Cubs Beat Goat Curse – Drought Ends!
• New Sports Mega-Stadia
The American


• COMPETITIONS: Tickets to two great plays – This House and The Sorrows of Satan
• FEATURE: What the Trump Presidency could mean for Americans overseas
• INTERVIEW: Suzi Quatro
• NEWS: Urgent info from the US Embassy
• EDUCATION: Applying to US colleges
• TAX: Filing early, a good idea for you?
• FINANCE: A new year checklist to help you take control of your finances
• GIVING: A charitable strategy for expats
• HEALTH: Going private in the UK
• RELOCATING: A post US election guide for Americans moving to Britainces
• TRAVEL: Extraordinary Ireland
• HERITAGE: Shakespeare's home town expats
• POLITICS: The election – the aftermath
• MLB, Cubs Beat Goat Curse – Drought Ends!
• New Sports Mega-Stadia
The American


• Thanksgiving &Holidays eating out
• Tips for New Expats
• Charitable Giving
• PROPERTY: Apple are moving to Nine Elms
• HUMOR: Miss Patricia’s Miss Adventure
• HERITAGE: Rebuilding Parliament
• 21st Century Flying
• Amy Madigan interview
• Walter Trout interview
• Odaline de la Martinez interview
American Sports:
• NFL London
• Ryder Cup
• NBA & NCAA Hoops
• Vic Scully
The American


• Brexit for Yanks
• UK Visas for Americans
• Identity: protect your vital records while you're living overseas
• FX Rates
• Inheritance Tax
• International Schools in the UK
• Different Admissions to US Colleges
• Humor: Wanna write a hit TV show? Get deported!
• Miss Patricia's column
• My Expat Life: Prairie Fire's Kansas City BBQ guru
• Bob Harris' Nashville Roots
• Blair & Chilcot
• Sovereignty
• Trump, Clinton ...and Chickpeas?!
American Sports:
• NFL International in London
• NFL Preview
• NCAA Football Preview
• Golf: Summer's Major Losers
The American


• Plan your July 4th
• Edinburgh Fringe, the US acts
• Essential finance and property information for Americans
Competitions: Summer Jazz; Blues Kitchen
• Travel:
• Stately Homes
• Corfu Getaway
• My Expat Life Interviews
American Sports:
• Shooting
• NFL Offseason
• Nic Roldan, US Polo Captain
• US Rugby Olympics
• Golf
• US EPL Owners
The American


• Americans deported: are you at risk?
• Vote! Don't miss your ballot
Competitions: Tickets to Royal Ascot, Neil Young, Daughtry & Bill Clinton Hercules!
Finance: All the advice you need
• The Queen at 90
Politics: Americans for Brexit, GOP; Contested Convention; New Populism
• Vernon Hill's Metro Bank loves Americans
• Property: London's mini-Manhattan
• My Expat Life
• Miss Patricia gets Stitched Up
• Scilly, Britain's Secret Getaway
• All Their Minds In Tandem author speaks
• Interviews: Kirstin Chávez, Chris Peluso, Neil Koenigsberg
American Sports:
• NFL UK Games
• NHL Playoffs
• MLB Season Preview
• Whither Spieth?
The American


• US Election: What's really going on; Bernie Sanders campaign in London; Democrat candidate's expat policies
• New bank account for US Expats
• 8 page Finance Advice Section
• Ben Franklin in London
• Jane Austen reimagined
• Mr Speaker Speaks
• Motown The Musical's Charles Randolph-Wright
• Tracy 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' Chevalier on expat life and her new book
American Sports:
• NFL Honors, Signings & Coaches
• Rams move to LA
• PLUS Competitions for top tickets
The American


• Global Entry – Expedited US Immigration Clearance for Americans and Brits
• UK Mortages for US citizens
• Competition: Albert Hall Tickets
• Non-US Funds & ISAs
• Mythbusting American Expats
• Learning to Speak American - a Brit Heads West
• Burgh Island, Agatha Christie’s Hideaway
• Magica Italia
• On Yer Bikes with Miss Patricia
• The American Way Is Essex
• Fabiano: Trad Tenor for the Modern Age
• Politics: The Generation Game
American Sports:
• NCAA Bowl Season,
• Super Bowl 50
• Golf Guide
• Sideline: Commissioner Goodell
The American


• New Migration Rules To Affect Americans
• ACA Town Hall Meeting
• Parliament's Suffragette Story
• Travel: Celebrate the Stopover
• London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
• Finance: Living in Britain Long Term
• Finance: Year End Tax Planning
• Finance: Wine Investments
• Returning Home from Abroad
• Miss Patricia Muses on ... The NHS
• Food: Vincent Price’s Thanksgiving Turkey
• Profile: Spinal Injuries Association
• Politics: The Rehabilitation of Red
American Sports:
• Does Golf have a Football problem?
• NFL International Games at Wembley
• NHL Season Preview
The American


• News: American Heroes Stop Train Terror
• COMPETITION: Be the US Flag Bearer
• Finance: Bi-national couples
• Finance: US Social Security for expats
• Early Schooling: Options for US families
• Early Schooling: The right foundation
• Health: Breast Screening - Why?
• Profile: Alex Goldberg, a US voice on UK TV
• Travel: A North Wales Retreat
• Food, Drink & Music: Dr BBQ at Grillstock
• Recipe: BBQ Apricot Baby Back Ribs
• Interview: Janet Johnson, American artist
• Interview: Harvey Fierstein, Kinky Boots
American Sports:
• US Wheelchair Rugby
• NFL International: Wembley Calling
• NFL Season Preview
• NCAA Football Preview
• Golf
The American


• Edinburgh Fringe, the American acts
• Houses of Parliament family audio tour
• Wroxton Abbey, a Slice of America Here
• Finance: Arranging your expat pensions
• Miss Patricia visits Althorp
• The Glorious Twelfth, Game Shooting UK
• London to Brighton - the Veteran Car Run
• Derek Trucks - slide genius interviewed
• Harry Shearer on the legacy of Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years On
American Sports:
• Sports News
• Mascots and Cheerleaders
• Golf: the legacy of Chambers Bay
• USA Rugby, the World Cup is nigh
The American

JULY 2015

• Magna Carta 800 at Runnymede
• Offer: free Dunkin' Donuts
• Out and About: Play (or watch) Polo
• Smart Living in the UK: Bringing money from the USA
• Are you an American? The tax implications
• The pitfalls of foreign exchange
• Education: SAT vs. ACT
• Moving to Surrey
• The Importance of Cultural Agility
• Offer: Weengs Stress-Free Shipping
• Candi Staton Interviewed
• Aftershock: UK post-election
• Is the Special Relationship Over?
American Sports:
• UK Soccer in the USA
• Golf Perfection
• America’s Cup
• Classic Sailing
The American

JUNE 2015

• Historic Spitfire auctioned for charity
• COMPETITION Magna Carta Exhibition
• Celebrate Liberty with LiberTeas
• Lusitania: centenary of the disaster
• Travel and the Tanager
• Strangers in a strange land – expat advice
• Half and Half: the pros of cultural dualism
• London Coffee: better than American?
• Paul Brady, the songwriter's songwriter
• Dustbowl Masterpieces UK debut
• Kyle Riabko Reimagining Bacharach
American Sports:
• NFL Draft Review
• NFL Free Agency
• Matchplay, the truest form of golf?
• Formula-E hits London
The American

MAY 2015

• Expat tax deadline approaches
• Tax forms and filing deadlines
• Working for a US company in the UK
• How the Budget affects expats
• Magna Carta Trail: Salisbury & The South West
• Election UK-style
• Golf Courses With History
• Re-enchanted: enjoy Britain out-of-town
• Jim Dale in London: interview
• The Man Who (Nearly) Abducted George III
• Miss Patricia, our wicked columnist
• UK Election: what the numbers say, by Sir Robert Worcester
American Sports:
• Spieth Marks: the Masters
• NHL Playoff Preview
• NFL Free Agency
The American

APRIL 2015

• Magna Carta Trail: from London to Windsor
• How to Run the London Marathon
• Live at Leeds: The Ambassador's New Favorite Town
• Child Relocation – What You Must Know
• Choosing Your New Dentist In Britain
• UK Property Purchase and Loans
• Rethinking the Underground Railroad
• The Man Who (Nearly) Abducted George III
• Interview: Michael Urie, Ugly Betty Star, in London
• Ryan Bingham Talks About Music and Tragedy
• Ready for Hillary? Review by Sir Robert Worcester
American Sports:
• MLB Preview: Baseball's Back
• NHL Trade Deadline: Fizzle over Flash
• Tiger, Tiger – Woods' worries
• America's Cup: the Solent gets Crowded
• Hass F1 – American Team Latest
The American

MARCH 2015

• Magna Carta new copy unearthed
• Wandsworth, home of the new US Embassy
• Advice: Moved to the UK? Now what?
• Wilde in America: Oscar invents Celeb Culture
• Investing in Art
• Through the Palace Keyhole
• Art: The Mysterious Mr Chambers
• Mr Turner at Petworth House
• Interview: Katie Brayben is Carole King
• Back to the Future with Hillary Clinton
American Sports:
• NFL Honors: on the MVP red carpet
• TNA Stars Bobby Lashley and Grado
• Is Golf Dying? Let’s Hope So!
• Hass: American F1 team lands in the UK
The American



Look good, feel great at Valentino and Locanda Ottoemezzo

Reader Offer

The Richardson Hotel Group
• Your Embassy: The Political Section
• New Tools to Combat Back Pain
• Smile Makeover - Dentistry in the UK
• Americans in Britain: Billy Fiske, air hero
• Following Agamemnon: Med cruising
• Transatlantic Philanthropy
• Education: Admissions and SEN
• Doug Seegers Interview, from street to stardom
American Sports:
• Bowl Season, NFL International, Golf & Wrestling
The American


• Lorna Luft exclusive interview
• Aaron Tveit talks about coming back to the stage – in London!
• Expat Finance – What You Need To Know
• Miss Patricia gets a Chilly English Reception
• Dancing for Parkinson's – profile
• A Shard's Eye View
• Politics: Midterm Blues
• Dirty Work... Gary Hart, New Special Envoy to Northern Ireland
• Sports: NFL at Wembley, Games 2 & 3; Chris Jericho's Autobiography; Motorsport Gimmickry
• Profile: Delta Kappa Gamma (DG)
The American


• The Special Relationship: Churchill, Roosevelt and Magna Carta
• International Schools in the UK
• Your Embassy Behind the Scenes
• Phone Home for the Holidays
• Christopher Cross on his new Album
• Sondra Lee, the first Tiger Lily, Interviewed
• Call the Midwife: Women's Health
• Sports: NFL at Wembley, Ryder Cup Dissected
The American


• Competition and Interview: Ken Burns' latest series on The Roosevelts
• Joe Bonamassa Interviewed
• Beth Hart Interviewed
• Christina Bianco Interviewed
• Competition and Interview: Meet and See Matt Evers
• Renouncing US Citizenship
• Nine Elms and the new Embassy
• London's Flood Defenses
• Samuel Franklin Cody
• VW Golf
• NFL at Wembley, MLB Playoffs, NHL Preview, Ryder Cup, America's Cup
The American


• Competition: WIN Harry Brompton Alcoholic Ice Tea
• Competition and Interview: WIN tickets to Nana Mouskouri at the Royal Albert Hall
• Exclusive Interview with Ambassador Barzun
• Making Sense of the UK School System
• The Day Parliament Burned Down
• UK Law for Newcomers
• Settling: An Expat's Tale
• Coffee Break fun page
• Reviews of the latest shows
• American Sports: Golf, NFL, NCAA
The American


• Competitions: Ales by Mail subscription and Yeehaw Festival
• Edinburgh Festival
• Peggy Lee Loves London
• St Paul's Cathedral
• Sir Henry Wellcome
• American Citizens Abroad's man in London
• Your Right to Re-enter the UK At Risk
• Spending the summer: advice for uni entry
• Making sense of the UK School System
• Jessye Norman Interviewed
• Reviews: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, The Crucible, The Colby Sisters The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Great Britain, Amadeus, Miss Julie & Comedy at the Chichester Festival, Forbidden Broadway, A Dream Turns Sour
• The argument in favor of discrimination
• American Sports: NBA Draft analysis, the future for US Soccer, Golf Majors
• Profile: American Citizens Abroad's man in London
The American

JULY 2014

• Competition: top price tickets to The Crucible
• The Mayflower Trail
• Lincolnshire's American Aviation Heritage
• The BBC's Man in New York
• The British Boston's US Connections
• Find a Notary in the UK
• A Tour Around Parliament
• Nancy Astor's England
• Britain's Canals
• Dance For Parkinsons
• American Sports: UK Drag Racing, NBL Preview, The USA's World Cup progress, TNA's Gunner and Golf's Coarse [sic] Architecture
• plus regulars: Useful US Organizations in the UK, What's On Guide, News, Arts, Theater & Restaurant Reviews, Columnists, fun pages
The American

JUNE 2014

• Competitions: Latitude Festival tickets
• Buffalo Trace bourbon
• Battle Proms outdoor concerts
• Expat Tax urgent advice
• D-Day's US heroes
• Ben Franklin's London
• Britain's In Bloom
• The Journalists Who Risk All
• Kirwan-Taylor, writer turns artist
• NFL Draft
• MLB Summer Preview
• Tiger's Back
• World Cup Preview
The American

MAY 2014

COMPETITION: Good People is getting rave reviews, win tickets and see why
• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: Allen Toussaint: Mr Mardi Gras
• Melanie von Trapp on the family's new sound
• Robert Cray: smooth blues on the road
• FEATURES: Black Rod, the man who keeps Parliament safe
• US Undergrads Choose UK Unis
• Berkeley Castle: a haven of British history with surprising links to early America
• Miss Patricia, new 'ex-Pat' columnist
• SPORTS: A new American F1 team
• NFL Free Agency
• post-Masters golf
• wrestler Samoa Joe
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American

APRIL 2014

COMPETITION: WIN tickets for Other Desert Cities
• FEATURES: Southwark's Cathedral and American connections
• Sulgrave Manor (Washington family home) needs your help
• Being a US Expat: financial advice
• Get Filing: the US expat tax deadline looms
• Old Glory is not a Swastika
• Democrats Abroad at 50
• Secession for Scotland and California?
• Is Putin 'in another world?'
• SPORTS: MLB Preview: a critical look at all 30 teams
• Golf: Matchplay
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American

MARCH 2014

• COMPETITION Great albums up for grabs
• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Buddy Greco; Gary US Bonds; Martha Plimpton
• FEATURES Clerk of the House – the man who makes Parliament run; Water Management? – America's chief dredger would have been shocked by Britain's floods
• New World Old Maps/ SPORTS Michael Sam; Missing at Maui; NASCAR New Rules; Americans in British Touring Cars
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American


• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS New-outlaw country star Jace Everett; Anglo–American singer Sarah Gillespie
• FEATURES Scotland's Homecoming; Starstruck by David Sedaris; From the 'Hood to Hogwarts, an LA kid becomes head student at a British private school
• SPORTS Here comes the offseason – bliss for football nerds; TNA Knockout Gail Kim interview; Does F1 driver dominance damage popularity?
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American


• COMPETITIONS Tickets for Cirque du Soleil; a signed copy of Peggy Lee Loves London a stunning pair of amber earrings; a delicious festive hamper
• SPECIAL OFFER London Lions basketball
• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Bill Bryson on the summer that changed the States forever; Cirque du Soleil's Patrick McGuire; Sir Richard Eyre on Lord (Andrew) Lloyd-Webber's new musical, Stephen Ward
• FEATURES Christmas Gift Ideas; My Jewish mother and her beautiful black blood, by Carol Gould; Alan Miller dissects Sudhir Venkatesh's new book about NYC's underbelly; A non-traditional Christmas in London; Christmas Book Picks
• SPORTS NCAA Basketball Preview; Golf – Should a major American tournament be held outside the USA?; Sideline – Heisman musings
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American


• COMPETITIONS Win tickets to USA Rugby and Much Ado About Nothing
• SPECIAL OFFER see London Lions basketball
• FEATURES on the life and death of John F Kennedy, GI Brides, where to hunt and shoot in Britain, the American foods that expats really miss
• SPORTS NFL photos and roundup
• NCAA Basketball
• NHL season preview
• REGULARS Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restaurant & Theater reviews... and more.
The American


• Win Scottsboro Boys tickets
• Chelsea Hotel – the news, the history, the dance production!
• Churchill Lecture by ex-Ambassador to DC
• Interviews with Scottsboro Boys star Forrest McClendon and Leigh Zimmerman & Domenick Allen
• Syria situation dissected
• Sports NFL hits London – Jags and 49ers interviews
• NBA divisional contenders
• Why the Jags should be your second team
• Golf – our favorite tree!
• Regulars inc. Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restauraunt & Theater reviews and more.
The American


• Award-winning actor Colman Domingo on his London-bound one man show
• Interviews with Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw; British R&B legend Wilko Johnson; Muddy Waters' son Mud Morganfield; Steelers guard Ramon Foster and Vikings defender Kevin Williams
• NFL season preview; NCAA football previews; Iowa U v London Lions basketball
• Golfspotting at the Open Championship
• Hidden Catalonia
• Volunteering in the UK
• Legal vacations lead to separations
• Eartha Kitt in London
• Cellar Talk returns
• first drive of Chevy Trax
• Regulars inc. Arts Choice, Diary Dates, Restauraunt & Theater reviews and more.
The American


• We talk to USA Rugby's Jim Snyder
• Katrina (formerly of The Waves) Leskanich on life in the UK with her newly-published poodle Peggy Lee
• Actor Stephen Campbell Moore on being a Brit playing an American ...in a show about China!
• The beaches, history and fine food of Cornwall
• Previews of the Edinburgh Fringe and art exhibitions at the National Galleries of Scotland
• Plus, former London resident Alison Holmes is on the outside looking in as she revisits the capital
• Alternative places to go for the young and young at heart
• Darren Kilfara's summer tour of Scotland's golf courses
• NBA and NHL drafts
• America's Cup
• NFL season build-up.
The American

JULY 2013

• American novelist Charles Dubow ponders how London has changed since the 1980s
• Ex-New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain
• American crime author Emily Winslow on her new Cambridge-based crime novels
• Colorado realtor Kenny Rackers beats the Brits in cheese-chasing triumph
• Jeannine Wheeler's dizzy about British roundabouts
• The continuing story of World Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson sees him visit the UK
• Nellie Bailey's advice on cultivating language skills in young children
• Darren Kilfara on Justin Rose's US Open win and the joys of golfing in Kintyre
• Hope for hopeless teams in our build to the NFL season
• More NFL games headed to Wembley.
The American

JUNE 2013

• Interviews with new rocking country music superstar Eric Church, New York sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld and Maisie Dobbs author Jacqueline Winspear
• Boston Ballet's Barry Hughson on how the city is recovering from the marathon bombing
• The best places to visit in North Wales – and their historic American connections
• Baseball in Ireland
• Advice on how students can follow their sporting dreams in the USA.
The American

MAY 2013

• Interviews with pop singer turned jazz artist Curtis Stigers, Black Star Riders main man Scott Gorham, House star Robert Sean Leonard, textile designer Kaffe Fassett, and West End lighting legend David Hersey
• James Carroll Jordan is back from filming Poirot The Big Four
• Sir Robert Worcester's memories of Margaret Thatcher
• Advice on starting your American degree abroad
• Sassy Slathered Grilled Salmon recipe
• Golf – the Tiger Drop
• The Civil War military campaigns of 1863
• Buddy Greco tickets to be won, and more.
The American

APRIL 2013

• Interviews including The Book of Mormon star Gavin Creel, Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz, Utah Billy Elliot Tade Biesinger, O My America! author Sara Wheeler, plus a Q&A with Terra Foundation for American Art CEO Elizabeth Glassman. Carol Madison Graham looks at International and English Baccalaureates, we examine horse syndicates, a first drive of the Mitsubishi Outlander, and Ambassador Louis B Susman reflects on the ‘Special Relationship’. Alison Holmes compares the State of the Union address and the Queen’s Speech, while sports include Jay B Webster’s MLB Preview, British baseball in Essex, BT Vision’s takeover of ESPN America, and Darren Kilfara contemplates the essential elements of great golf architecture.

MARCH 2013

A Chorus Line's Leigh Zimmerman talks to The American; London Wetlands, the capital's wild oasis; Exercise Tiger, the American Army's WWII Devon tragedy; Hogwarts and All – keeping US university option open; The Presidential election's Real Final Numbers; March Madness; Sloane Stephens; new NFL Coaches; National Signing Day; F1 Season Preview.


Betty Buckley (Broadway and West End diva) and John Wheeler (Hayseed Dixie's head honcho) interviewed; New School, New Language – translating British education terms into American; Blue PLaques – find where famous Americans lived in London; Win tickets to see Rock Of Ages and a Varsity Jacket in our Competitions; Driving instruction for young Americans; and NHL lockout, NASCAR preview and NFLK draft in sports.


Tartans (including one that went to the Moon!); Old Lang Syne explained; Education – American v British; Kickstart Your Writing Career; Britishisms; Winter Driving Tips; The Ashmolean Museum; Florida Property; Bowl Season Preview; EPL and NFL Job Security; Jeff Hardy Interview. Plus theater, books, and dining reviews.


John Lithgow interview; Donny Osmond interview; Sir Robert Worcester's Election results analysis; George McGovern remembered; Knitting your own community; Minster Lovell the hidden jewel of the Cotswolds; NFL at Wembley pictorial; and Erotica The New Black? Plus theater, books, and dining reviews.


Pre-election polling; Alan Miller on tolerance and respect in US politics; Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen on Hollywood and London; Finding your British ancestors; NCAA basketball preview; and what the British really mean when they talk about the weather.


Grammy and Tony Award winner Heather Headley interviewed; Using your overseas experience in job interviews; James Carroll Jordan is Dead in Tombstone with Danny Trejo; British veterans of the American Civil War; NBA and BBL season previews; and Rams RB Steven Jackson interviewed.


Interviews with musician and comedian Harry Shearer, author Ken Rijock, and New England Patriot Nate Solder; plus Christopher Hyland's photography collection, restaurateur Marcus Wareing in profile, Panerai Classic Yachts, and football previews.


Barbara Broccoli talks about Chariots of Fire; American Paralympian Seth McBride introduces wheelchair rugby; NBA and NHL Draft recaps

JULY 2012

Olympics Preview; Why Britain doesn't have an Independence Day; John Cabot

JUNE 2012

Danny de Vito, Cuba Gooding Jr and Rick Wakeman interviews


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