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The Cadillac Three The Cadillac Three, (l to r) Kelby Ray, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason. Photo: Dylan Rucker

10 Questions For… The Cadillac Three

The American caught up with Neil Mason to chat about spending unexpected time with the family, the UK’s love of Americana music, and a special broadcast of 'Nashville Meets London' with the Royal Albert Hall on July 18

Published on July 16, 2020

Neil, you and the guys are real country boys aren’t you?

All three of us are born and raised in Nashville, TN.

The last few months have been particularly difficult for the music industry, how has the pandemic affected The Cadillac Three?

It's been interesting to say the least... We were overseas preparing to play the C2C Festival in the UK when it was postponed so we ended up flying back home and also having to postpone all of our additional spring/summer tour dates. We put out our newest record Country Fuzz in February so we had planned to be on the road the majority of the year, but now we have been getting an unexpected break at home with our families!

The Cadillac Three Country Fuzz Album

How have you been spending your time during the lockdown?

We've been writing a lot of songs, spending time with our families, working on house projects and just trying to stay healthy.

You'll be performing at a special broadcast of the 'Nashville Meets London' festival with the Royal Albert Hall in July - how did you become involved?

Our good friends over at Nashville Meets London asked us about being involved. We hadn't taped a livestream of any kind yet, so it seemed like a great opportunity to try, even though we have all been social distancing at our own homes. It was a bit of a process to figure out, but we feel like it came out pretty cool.

How different is it for you as musicians to be performing without audiences?

Our show is very much a high energy event between us and the audience, so as we continue to explore doing livestreams, it will be interesting and hopefully fun to try to find unique ways to still have that experience without fans in the same space.

What are you hoping for with the broadcast?

That it streams without any glitches!!

You've been performing in the UK for quite a few years now, and country has been growing rapidly in the UK recently, how frustrating is it that the pandemic has put the pause button on live country music on this side of the Atlantic?

We were REALLY looking forward to what was going to be a big year for us in the UK and Europe so it's pretty disappointing to not have been able to play all the shows we had planned (some of which we hadn't announced yet), but it's also very important to us to make sure that when we play it's a safe setting for our fans, our crew and ourselves. So, we will just have to be patient, and we know when the time is right those first shows back in the UK will be really special!

What does bringing your style of American music to the UK mean to you?

We grew up hearing stories of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers breaking out of the UK and seeing bands like Kings Of Leon and other friends of ours go over and have success. When we started going to the UK it was such a cool experience to have a strong reaction from UK fans to our music, the embrace from UK fans has been one of the best things to ever happen to our band.

What's next on the horizon for The Cadillac Three?

We're always working on new music, we have just launched our official Country Fuzz Fan Club that we are really excited about, where we'll host a number of live audio and video concerts to try and keep people satisfied while we are all in quarantine. We also have a weekly Country Fuzz Radio Show that we tape for multiple airings throughout the week at www.countryfuzzradio.com, which has been really fun to record.

Finally, what's the best thing about being part of The Cadillac Three?

Being in a band with your best friends, and the fans. Those are the two things that make being in this band so special every single day, every single show, every single album, every single year.

You can see The Cadillac Three perform as part of the free online concert 'Nashville Meets London' with the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday July 18, starting 7:30pm.


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