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Listen To Mother – Mother Nature’s Lesson to Humanity

Have you understood nature’s message to humankind?
Michael M Sandwick
Published on March 28, 2020

Not that mother! I don’t wish to comment on how SHE did or didn’t raise you. I refer to everyone’s mother. Ms. Nature. In case you’ve had your head up or down somewhere and haven’t heard, she has been speaking. The question is whether or not you have understood her message.

There we all were, hurling ourselves towards extinction, at a rate that makes the dinosaurs look positively longevitous (see note 1). Collective common sense (along with herding immunity) has not been functioning for some time. Outdated systems, run predominantly by privileged men with a tendency to govern for their own personal gain, have somehow been unable to solve the crises that afflict everyone on the planet except themselves. So Mother has had to intervene.

It’s a harsh intervention. We don’t want to admit it, and we don’t think it’s fair, but her punishment fits the crime. It may seem indiscriminate, but all will feel the sting. If you have so far been spared, you won’t be for long.

Many will survive; no one will do so unscathed. In fact, everyone will emerge with some form of neurosis. Howard Hughes…without the money! Obsessive compulsive loo roll hoarding, germaphobia, habitual hand sanitizing…the list will evolve in ways we cannot yet fathom. Instead of disinfecting and sanitizing everything in sight, I’m sure Mother would prefer we all went out and rolled in the mud, exposing ourselves to common microbes and building up immunity. Otherwise, when we finally do see the light of day again, we will be susceptible to absolutely everything.

Our behaviour has made Mother very angry. She is not letting anyone off the hook and we are just beginning to feel her wrath. It is horrific to see the airline industry brought to its knees, but our skies have never been cleaner. When restaurants are shut and food becomes more difficult to come by, there will be far less waste. As we become poorer, we will stop buying items like plastic bags. We will conserve energy because we won’t be able to afford it. We will be forced to listen to Mother. She is teaching a harsh but valuable lesson. Let’s remember it when we have paid this penalty. Let’s NOT go back to the same route of self-destruction. This is a wake-up call. Let’s push the reset button. Or we will pay an even higher price.


Note 1: Longevitous is not a word. At least is wasn’t until now. I just made it one. Taken directly from the Latin, longaevus, meaning having longevity. I hope the human race will be longevitous. With Mother’s intervention, we might just have a chance.


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