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Walking with the Wounded: The Walk of America
Read the inspiring stories of the US and UK Veterans walking across the USA
Published on May 15, 2018

The Walk of America is a 1000 plus mile expedition from the West to the East coast of the States featuring veterans from the US and UK. The expedition, which starts on June 2, 2018 from Los Angeles and is expected to last 14 weeks, comes after the Walk of Britain, which in 2015 saw American and British personnel walk across the United Kingdom. The Transatlantic team of veterans taking part in the walk will finish at Ground Zero in New York on September 6th. The Walk of America is a project from Walking With The Wounded, an organization which supports vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and assert their independence, particularly those who have suffered from physical as well as mental injuries. Both American and British veterans will take part in the trek, making this a great opportunity to raise funds for worthy causes, whilst continuing to champion the strength of the bond between the USA and the UK, and particularly the armed forces. We've had the honor of hearing from 3 American and 4 British veterans participating, to find out how they became involved and how important the walk will be.
http://www.walkofamerica.com/ Jonny Burns (UK - 2nd left), Kev Carr (UK - 3rd left), Prince Harry (center), Adele Loar (USA - 3rd right), Kemsley Whittlesea (2nd right) and Ambassador Woody Johnson (3rd right) launch the Walk of America



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