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Drew Lynch Drew Lynch. Photo by Marc Wood

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Interview | Drew Lynch
The American comedian is coming to London this June. He told us about what comedy means to him, his appearance on America's Got Talent and coming to the UK

Published on March 28, 2019
First published in the May/June 2019 edition of The American magazine
Buy Tickets: Drew Lynch, June 22 plus EXTRA DATE: June 23 at Leicester Square Theatre, London

Drew reflecting on his America's Got Talent Audition!

You made your big break in comedy on America's Got Talent and your story was really powerful and emotional - can you tell us about how your story, and how you first got interested in comedy and then auditioned for AGT?

America's Got Talent was an experience unlike any other. Before I did the show, I had been performing at colleges for a few years trying to build a name for myself, barely able to pay my bills. After I auditioned, it became clear that AGT wanted to tell my story in addition to letting me do stand-up. I think the show packaged my introduction to the world in a way that was completely open, with a platform that became inspiring for people tuning in. I think knowing how much people related to my struggle and empathizing with my challenges, helped ground me as a performer in that I wasn't just a comic telling jokes, but capable of moving people with my words.

As a magazine for Americans in the UK, we have to ask - what was it like coming runner up in America's Got Talent to a Brit (Paul Zerdin)!?

Haha it definitely added some irony to the final result, that's for sure. I definitely wanted to win AGT, like the rest of the contestants, but I was so content making it as far as I did that in the end it didn't really matter. Paul and I joke about it all the time, and I'm super happy for him and his much-deserved victory.

How would you describe your style of comedy, and what kind of topics do you like to cover?

I love making fun of myself and I think other people like it too. A little too much, maybe. Comedy always manifests itself in the form of complaining, so I like to relay my insecurities to the audience by being vulnerable, self-aware, and hopefully relevant.

YouTube has been a really popular platform for audiences to engage with you and your work. What inspired you to start sharing videos and what do you hope people take away from them?

I originally started doing YouTube videos as a way to get better at joke writing. I already traveled so much with my dog Stella, who provides the perfect "straight man" in her stoic expressions. I enjoy the challenge of a strict upload regimen where I get to distribute fresh content for people every week. It's important to have that connection with people, and gradually, as your concepts grow so will your audience.

Whilst you're in the UK, do you have any plans to see the sights or to go anywhere in particular?

I really love Hyde Park and all the shops around Leicester Square! I can't wait to see how beautiful London is in the summer time.

What can visitors to your show in London expect, and what do you hope they take away from the experience?

I make it a priority to include the audience with every show I do, because it's important for people to see comedy in a very live and engaging format. I want people to leave feeling important to that specific show, and know that it can never be replicated with any other audience.

Finally, what's the best thing about being Drew Lynch?

I don't know if there's a best thing haha. I'm very lucky to get to do this. I'm grateful for opportunities and losses, because I know I'll make every effort to be better next time and continue to create.

You can see Drew live on stage at the Leicester Square Theatre on June 22 and 23. Find out more details about his work and tours via www.drewlynch.com, and do check out his work on YouTube!



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