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Craft Rum Club

Join the club and get a special rum delivered, with great recipe ideas thrown in
By Michael Burland
Published on May 19, 2021

Craft Rum Club

Fancy a luxurious rum subscription club which delivers to your door exclusive or limited edition rums, together with mixers, recipes, garnishes and snacks?

If you only know rum from the black and sticky 'British Navy ration' (which admittedly has its place) you'll be amazed at how good premium rums can be. It's the difference between sippin' whiskey and rotgut.

You can choose to get your dose every month, every other month, or quarterly, and the contents of each box is a surprise. A nice surprise! Each one costs £39.95 - delivery is free and you can press the pause or cancel button at any time.

I love these craft alcohol clubs for the voyage of discovery. New brands that you've never heard of to tantalise your tastebuds.

To be clear, you do get a full size bottle of rum, not the teeny taster version in the photo that I was sent - they save the big bottles for the members!

The rum du jour that came in my kit was Foursquare spiced rum. A spiced Bajan rum from Barbados, it is sweet (well, it is made from sugar cane), light and fruity, and delicious.

I had great fun following the recipe for my rum cocktail - a Hazy Daiquiri - although I felt underdressed - I should have been wearing a lab coat as I mixed my potion!

You'd be amazind what you can do with fine rum, Thatcher's Somerset cloudy cider, sugar syrup, ice and some tangy Manomassa Serrano Chilli and Yucatan Honey corn chips as accompaniment.

I closed my eyes and I could have been on the beach... Silver Sands Beach in Barbados, to suit the spirit, not 'Weston Super Mud' in the cider's Somerset!

My Grenadan next-door neighbor used to hand me large Cuba Libre's over the fence of an evening, so I'm very fond of rum and educated in what makes a good one.

This kit didn't disappoint.




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