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Dan Walker and Tony Foulds Dan Walker (l) and Tony Foulds (r) raise the American Flag in memory of the Mi Amigo 10. Courtesy Sheffield Council, photo by Ian Spooner

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The Stars and Stripes Flies over Sheffield
Tony Foulds and Dan Walker raise the flag for the Mi Amigo 10

Published on February 19, 2019

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the crash of the United States Air Force B-17 Bomber, the Mi Amigo, which takes place this Friday, February 22, a flagpole has been constructed in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, where the incident took place, with the Stars and Stripes proudly flying in memory of the 10 American Airmen who lost their lives.

The permanent flagpole was unveiled yesterday by Tony Foulds, from Sheffield, who has been at the heart of this extraordinary story, BBC Journlist Dan Walker, who raised awareness of the story, and local Councillor Mary Lea. A large scarlet oak tree (Quercus coccinea) was also planted by the trio, in tribute to the original scarlet oak trees which were planted in 1969 in memory of the incident. Three of those original oaks remain behind the memorial.

Councillor Lea, the cabinet member for culture, parks and leisure at Sheffield City Council, said "The city has joined together to remember the fallen from the Mi Amigo and we are very much looking forward to the flypast which will take place this Friday ... We are planting many memorial trees across the city’s parks and public spaces to commemorate those whose sacrifice then has enabled us to enjoy so many years of peace. This planting was of special significance and it was great that Tony and Dan, who have worked so hard to bring the Mi Amigo to the public’s attention, were there to see it."

Whilst the US Flag now flies in memory over Endcliffe Park, the story of Tony Fould and the 10 US Airmen who lost their lives has also crossed the pond, with stories emerging online via US papers including the Washington Post. The story has truly gone Tranatlantic!

In sad news though, it's been confirmed that one of the protagonists of the story, BBC Journalist and Presenter Dan Walker - who raised awareness of the story among the wider public - is unable to attend Friday's Flypast as it clashes with a charitable expedition to climb Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief. Whether Mr Walker is aware of this or not, he's shone a light on the amazing work of people like Tony across the UK who protect the memory of those soldiers, both American and British, who fought and died for their countries during conflicts. Mr Walker's work has reminded us that the US and UK's common history unites us, and seeing what he and Mr Foulds have accomplished is remarkable.

We at The American would also like to express our gratitude to Tony, Dan, the City of Sheffield, and also the many US Organizations in the UK who have helped to inspire these commemorations, including the US Ambassador Woody Johnson, the US Embassy, RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Coningsby, the Cambridge American Cemetery at Madingley (where three of the US Airmen are buried), as well as members of the British Royal Region, particularly those from the Frecheville Sheffield and Sawston branches who will be commemorating the Mi Amigo 10 on Friday.

Details on the day of the Flypast can be found via https://www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/ne-Sheffield-Flypast-Timings-Announced, and if you haven't had a chance to catch up with the whole story, below you'll find further links as we've covered this story. We wish everyone well for the Flypast and will post details about the event after it's taken place.

Royal British Legion members to honor Mi Amigo American Airmen
Cambridge American Cemetery commemorate American Airmen involved in the Endcliffe Park incident
USAF Flypast Confirmed for Sheffield Memorial

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