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Jason West Jason West gets ready to Play Ball. Photo by John Linton

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Bringing Baseball to Tayport, Scotland

Jason West from Tupelo, Mississippi has set up a new baseball club where he lives in Tayport, Scotland in the County of Fife. Jason talks to us about baseball and the Tayport Breakers

Published on October 4, 2019

Jason West Jason West showcasing the Tayport Breakers Kit and Logo. Photo by John Linton

Thanks for your time Jason! Our traditional first question, where in the States are you from?

I am from Tupelo Mississippi.

How did you find yourself living in Scotland?

I came to Scotland for my Postgrad in 2010 (MSc English Language), met my lovely wife Zoe, and have been here ever since.

Why did you decide to set up a baseball team in Tayport?

Well, I had played American Football primarily until I retired a few years ago. I needed something competitive that I still had a close connection to.

How has the new team been received so far by the local community?

So far the community support has been outstanding. Everyone that we have spoken to has been very encouraging about bringing something new to the area.

What are some of the benefits to playing baseball?

Baseball is a great sport for just about anyone. The game itself is relatively simple to understand, so its easy to pick up. Also, as a start up, the cost per player investment is relatively low compared to other sports, when teams are first getting kitted out.

What do you make of the growth of baseball in the UK, with the MLB's London game and more plans for growth going forward?

I think it's great. It was clear at the games this year that there is a following for the sport with sell out crowds. It was exciting to see the reactions from people witnessing their first home runs, stolen bases, or even just enjoying the atmosphere with a pint and a few friends.

What do you love most about living in the UK and miss most about the US?

I dig Scotland for lots of the same reasons that I miss home actually. Hard working folks that enjoy good music and good whiskey... it's a lot like home. It's hard to put a finger on the little things I miss most such as driving dusty old back roads in a rusty V8, sitting on the back porch, picking on the guitar, listening to katydids and cicadas.... although family and friends that can relate to similar kinds of things is what I miss the most.

What do you hope for the new baseball team to accomplish?

The Scottish league is well organised with new teams entering each year it seems. I hope that the Breakers can serve the purpose of adding that level of competition and bringing some of what I remember as a kid to players and spectators alike.

How can those interested sign up and get involved?

Currently we have had a great response through social media. However interested players, coaches, and even officials can reach the club at tayportbaseballclub@gmail.com.

Finally, what's the best thing about being Jason West?

Ha, I guess the best being able to live in a place that I love and still bring a little piece of home on Sundays.

You can get involved in the Tayport Breakers Baseball Club by e-mailing tayportbaseballclub@gmail.com, or check our their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/Tayport.Breakers.2020

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