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A Mid-Westerner’s Book Launch in London

By News Team
Published on September 27, 2021

Ann Bracken Book Launch Mr & Mrs Simon Parker chat to author Ann Bracken. PHOTO: ERICA BERGSMEDS

Ann Bracken Book Launch Ann Bracken signs copies of her memoir, How to Break into the White House. PHOTO: ERICA BERGSMEDS

Eighty guests enjoyed an evening of champagne and canapés at the launch of American socialite and writer Ann Bracken's book How to Break into the White House.

Readers of The American may remember Ann's hilarious articles 'From Muncie to the White House' (in the May-June 2021 issue) and 'A Mid-Westerner’s Adventures on the Riviera' (July-August 2021). The new book takes readers from her childhood in Indiana to the eye of the political hurricane that is the White House. Ann isn't afraid to poke fun at the people she meets. Revelling in being an ever up-front American in stuffy and starchy situations, she shares the gossip in a deliciously self-deprecating way.

At the launch Ann said: "I am so humbled and grateful that more than 80 of my friends ventured out to Brooks’s Club on St James last Monday evening to celebrate the delayed launch of my book. My husband, Lord Robin Renwick made a small speech and joked that my book was easier to read, funnier and more popular than any of the eight political books he has written during his diplomatic career. I was extremely touched as my book certainly isn’t a weighty political tome. It is meant to be a light and fun look at working in the corridors of Washington, DC through the eyes of a very junior aide fresh off the farm in Indiana.

"It was so special to have my event held in such an historic venue and I had the added honour of having my small book placed in the Brooks’s library for members to read at their leisure. Fingers crossed it catches their eye!"

Ann was kept busy signing copies all evening for guests who included members of the diplomatic, business, medical, academic, banking, arts, fashion, publishing and fitness industries. She added: "I loved having a great mix of people of all nationalities but especially my American compatriots. We spent the evening debating the political climate in America at the moment. As a Bush Republican, I had some strong views!"

How to Break into the White House is available from Biteback Publishing at www.bitebackpublishing.com




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