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Boat Race Crews 2019 The Oxford University Crews (left) and the Cambridge University Crews (right) ready for the Boat Race 2019. Photo ©Julian Finney/Getty Images

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Americans Announced for the 2019 Boat Race in London
Seven US Rowers to compete in the annual race between Oxford and Cambridge which first took place over 180 years ago

Published on March 14, 2019

The crews that will compete as part of the Boat Race 2019 between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge were announced today, with seven Americans featuring across the 4 crews that make up the event. The annual rowing competition, which first took place in 1829, sees crews racing along a stretch of the River Thames in London, between Putney Bridge and Chiswick Bridge.

The Cambridge University Women's Crew has the largest contingent of Americans this year, with four; Lily Lindsay (USA/UK) at Stroke, Kate Horvat (US) in the 5 seat, Larkin Sayre (USA/UK) in the 4 seat, and Laura Foster (USA) in the 3 seat. Competing for the Oxford University Men's Crew is Ben Larkin (USA/GER) in the 2 seat, whilst the returning Dara Alizadeh (BM/UK/USA/IR) in the 4 seat accompanies Grant Bitler (USA) who takes the 3 seat for the Cambridge University Men's Crew.

Another big name you'll have heard of is Olympic Gold Medalist James Cracknell, who at the age of 46 will become the oldest competitor in Boat Race history as he lines up for Cambridge. Cracknell won Gold as part of the UK Coxless Four which took victory at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

The races take place on Sunday April 7th, with the Women's Crews starting at 2:13pm and the Men's Crews starting at 3:10pm. The official sponsor for this race's is a very important charity to the UK, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), which protects the lives of those in peril at sea around the British coast. You can find more details about the Americans below, and do check out The Boat Race website for viewing information. Also keep an eye on The American's website as we'll soon be hearing from the Americans involved!

Cambridge Women's Crew | Lily Lindsay
DOB: 23/08/1996
Nationality: American/British
Course: MPhil Environmental Policy
College: Pembroke
Cambridge Women's Crew | Kate Horvat
DOB: 19/11/1995
Nationality: American
Course: MPhil in Planning, Growth & Regeneration
College: Jesus
Cambridge Women's Crew | Larkin Sayre
DOB: 26/10/1994
Nationality: British/American
Course: PhD in Materials Science
College: Emmanuel
Cambridge Women's Crew | Laura Foster
DOB: 29/03/1998
Nationality: American
Course: Archaeology PhD
College: Queens'
Oxford Men's Crew | Ben Landis
DOB: 20/03/1994
Nationality: German/American
Course: MSc Migration Studies
College: Lincoln College
Cambridge Men's Crew | Dara Alizadeh
DOB: 27/08/1993
Nationality: Bermudian/British/American/Iranian
Course: Education, Policy, and International Development
College: Hughes Hall
Cambridge Men's Crew | Grant Bitler
DOB: 10/03/1996
Nationality: American
Course: MPhil in Real Estate Finance
College: Hughes Hall


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