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Anglo-American Couple Bring US Care Boxes to UK - and a Special Offer for The American readers

Sandra and Robert Burley have started up American Box, a subscription care package scheme that they hope will bring expats the feeling of home

Published on November 19, 2020

Sandra and Robert Burley Sandra and Robert Burley

An Anglo-American couple living in the UK, Sandra and Robert Burley, have set up a new business that they hope will bring Americans living in Britain a taste and sense of feeling of home.

Sandra, an American, and Robert, who's British, are the wife-and-husband team behind The American Box, a monthly subscription care package full of food and items from America. They told The American that they've "been expats all over the world together, got engaged in one country, married in another, and lived and worked around the globe. We have loved our adventures, but have experienced missing the feeling of home more times than we can count".

They go on to explain that having laid down roots in the UK, "we both find that there are many things we miss about America. While we love living in the UK, it's a different lifestyle and experience. There's a certain feeling that goes along with traditions, seasons, holidays and day-to-day living. It isn't always easy to re-create that, not that we'd want to all the time. It is nice though to have a dose of familiarity from time to time. Just enough of a boost of home helps so much."

That aspiration to capture something of America led them to create American Box, a subscription care package containing American treats and lifestyle items.

Discussing the thinking behind the boxes, Sandra and Robert say that "As wonderful as it is to get care packages from family and friends back home, or buy the occasional American treat here, it can be so pricey. So we decided to create a box, an experience, that really captures that feeling of American life while living here in the UK. This box is for everyone who wants a taste and feeling of home."

You can see a photo of the November Box below. They've already had positive feedback from fellow Americans. One care package recipient said that "I've felt so homesick recently, not being able to fly home. The November Box really hit the spot and was such a treat." You can subscribe below. There are also gift cards, ideal for American friends and family in the UK who are missing the vibes from home.

Special offer

To find out more details, go to www.americanbox.co.uk. Sandra and Robert have kindly offered a special discount for readers of The American. Enter the code AMERICANMAG10 at the checkout, and you'll receive a 10% discount on your first box.


American Box Thanksgiving A Thanksgiving Care Package from American Box


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