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Biden selects Jane Hartley to be Ambassador to UK

By News Team
Published on July 19, 2021


Jane Hartley will be nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as the United States' ambassador to Britain, the Washington Post reports.

The post – formally known as the ambassador to the Court of St. James's – is one of the most prestigious appointments in US foreign service. Among those being considered for the position were, it is believed, former New York mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, John McCain's widow Cindy McCain, and Colin Powell, former general and secretary of state under George W Bush.

In recent years, the position has oftentimes been offered to a fundraiser, donor, or friend of the president. Mrs. Hartley was reportedly a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama and also, to a lesser extent, to President Biden. She was also loyal to Biden in the early days of his presidential campaign, when some pulled out of supporting him.

Between 2014 and 2017 Mrs. Hartley served as US ambassador to France and to Monaco and was involved in American-French co-operation in the fight against terrorism, working with military and intelligence agencies in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in France including attacks on the Bataclan music venue and the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. She has been chief executive officer of the Observatory Group, an economic and political consultancy and advisory firm.

The ambassadorship to France is also regarded as a plum position, but the London slot is widely regarded as the more important because of the unique relationship between the United States and United Kingdom.




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