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Earth Day - Brooke Holm: Photographs from the Wild

By News Team
Published on April 22, 2021

Brooke Holm – Nothing to see here Brooke Holm, Nothing to see here © THE ARTIST

Just right for Earth Day! Informality, an art gallery in Henley-on-Thames, has brought together a collection of works created over the last five years by American photographer, Brooke Holm, entitled 'Photographs from the Wild'.

Holm is an American photo-media artist. She connected with photography from a young age as a means to observe the natural world she encountered whilst travelling between Australia and the US visiting parents. Her deep appreciation for Earth’s landscapes and her subsequent investigations into the tension and bonds between humans and the natural world. Searching for unconventional ways in which to portray the world, she took to the skies to photograph landscapes from helicopters and planes. She aims to inspire new perspectives and holistic views of our home by disrupting the scale at which we typically consume the natural world.

She has travelled to some of the worlds most beautiful and vulnerable wild locations including, the melting ice caps of Svalbard in Norway, the Namibian Desert, the protected algae grasslands at Shark Bay in Australia and more recently Death Valley. In her new work Holm continues her fascination with the cosmos working with NASA to document the surface of the moon.

Brooke Holm's abstract compositions of our planet can be compared to a view which only astronauts would see looking down on Earth from space. Her work has been exhibited internationally in the UK, Australia, USA and France. In 2019 her work was included in the Every Woman Biennial, in the same year she was selected for The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency in Svalbard, Norway. In 2021 she was selected for a studio residency at MASS MoCA. Brooke Holm's work is held in private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe.

See the Brooke Holm: Photographs from the Wild exhibition online here: https://informality.co/viewing-room/brooke-holm-photographs-from-the-wild/

Brooke Holm – Namibia Brooke Holm working in Namibia © THE ARTIST




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