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The US Ambassador and Tony Foulds The US Ambassador, Woody Johnson, accompanies Tony Foulds as they pay tribute to victims of the Mi Amigo B-17 Bomber crash in Sheffield, 1944, who are buried at Cambridge American Cemetery. Photo courtesy US Embassy in London

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Tony Foulds accompanies US Ambassador at 2019 Cambridge American Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony
Tony, whose commitment to remembering the US crew of the Mi Amigo crash in Sheffield, 1944, attended this year’s Memorial Day at the Cambridge American Cemetery

Published on May 29, 2019

Tony Foulds, who was at the heart of commemorations earlier this year to the American Airmen who lost their lives in the 1944 crash of the Mi Amigo B-17 Bomber, joined US Ambassador Woody Johnson on Monday, 27 May, as part of Memorial Day commemorations at the Cambridge American Cemetery.

On February 22, 2019 the UK and the US came together to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the crash of Mi Amigo with a truly memorable USAF Flypast. The tributes on the day served a dual purpose, remembering the 10 Americans who tragically died when the Mi Amigo came down, whilst also celebrating and commemorating the work of Tony and others like him who have dedicated decades to remembering those men and women of the UK and US who made the ultimate sacrifice whilst protecting their nations.

US Ambassador during the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Cambridge American Cemetery Ambassador Johnson (right) during the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Cambridge American Cemetery. Photo courtesy US Embassy in the UK

At Monday's Memorial Day Ceremony at Cambridge American Cemetery, Tony accompanied the US Ambassador, Woody Johnson, in paying tribute to three of the Mi Amigo crew who are buried at the Cemetery. The graves of Maurice D Robbins, Charles H Tuttle and Harry W Estabrooks are located at the Cambridge American Cemetery near Madingley.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Johnson also delivered a speech, in which he explained "It is my privilege to speak here today in honor of the men and women who have given their lives to serve America and to serve the cause of freedom and justice which our country has always stood for. In this special anniversary year, we remember, in particular, our D-Day heroes. Over a million Americans came to this country to prepare for the fight to liberate Europe. Many never made it home. Many thousands are buried right here in Cambridge. And behind every gravestone and name in this cemetery, there is the story of a husband, a father, a son, or a brother. There is a story of courage. And there is a story of great sacrifice." Ambassador Johnson highlighted the particular story of "A recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, William Benn Junior – or Bill to his family." In his moving speech, the Ambassador highlighted the importance of remembering all of those troops who lost their lives, whilst also recording and re-telling the meaning and story of each life lost and affected.

The full text of Ambassador Johnson's speech can be found on the US Embassy website


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