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Democrats Abroad Seek Vice Chair for Asia Pacific

By News Team
Published on March 18, 2021

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Do you live in the Asia Pacific region, have plans to move there, or maybe have friends in the region?

Democrats Abroad are looking for a new Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for its Asia Pacific (AP) region. They are accepting nominations now and the deadline is the end of March 23 (specifically 11:59pm EDT, or UTC-4 hours).

The bi-annual election will take place during the AP Regional Meeting on the 16th of May as part of the Democrats Abroad Global Meeting.

Democrats Abroad has three RVCs, one for each region, who are elected to a two year term that begins and ends with the regional election. They cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. They serve as one of 8 voting members of the International Executive Committee and meetings are currently held weekly and typically last from two to three hours, but this is subject to change with the new leadership.

RVCs are expected to organize and lead monthly regional calls of about one to two hours to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. They organize and lead a one to three day annual regional meeting to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. When practical, these annual meetings are held as in-person events with remote participation available. They act as a liaison between the International Executive Committee and one or more of the Democrats Abroad committees, lending a hand to the committee chair and assuming chair responsibilities should that position not be filled.

They are required to assist in organizing and attend the annual Democrats Abroad Global Meeting, preferably in person when conditions allow (travel costs are their responsibility); work with existing country committees to mediate and resolve issues within their committees including election issues, membership queries, etc.; track compliance status of country committees with Charter requirements and work with emerging and out-of-compliance countries to help bring them into compliance; communicate International Executive Committee decisions, policies, and Democrats Abroad best practices to the country committee leaders; and bring regional issues to the International Executive Committee for discussion and resolution.

AP RVCs must be a citizen of the United States and a member of Democrats Abroad residing within a country in the Asia Pacific region, and adhere to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of the AP region who are temporarily residing outside of their country of residence due to the pandemic may still run for AP RVC (for example, a resident of Singapore who is temporarily residing in France due to quarantines and travel restrictions). There must be an intent to return to the AP region following the lift of travel restrictions.

Self-nominations and nominations of others are both welcomed and encouraged!

You can submit nominations here

Any questions? Email ap-nec@democratsabroad.org




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