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How to watch NFL in the UK

There's more football than ever available in the UK, and from more sources.

Published on September 10, 2020

Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins. Photo courtesy Vikings
NFL is back! The 2020 NFL season – relatively unaffected by Coronavirus compared to many sports if you ignore the lack of a crowd – kicks off today, September 10, with Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans at at Arrowhead Stadium. There's more football than ever available in the UK, and from more sources.


Free to air: Presenter Mark Chapman, NFL star Jason Bell and two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora return for the new season with two shows a week and Super Bowl LV to be shown live from the Buc's stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Saturday program, The NFL Show, has a new extended slot and kicks off on September 13. Umenyiora said: “We are back and bigger than ever before, with one of the most fascinating seasons ever to sink our teeth into. I'm excited to rejoin Chappers and J-Bell as we take viewers through every twist and turn of a brand-new NFL year on the BBC. Fasten your seatbelts because this season is going to be wild." The 2020-21 season is the first of a two year extension of the BBC's coverage. For further details go to www.bbc.co.uk

Channel 5

Free to air: Channel 5 begs a three-year partnership with the NFL and CBS. It will show every Monday Night Football game – an important ritual for many Americans, one which many Brits don't ‘get'. It will be shot at C5's studio in Los Angeles, with Kirsten Watson presenting. Channel 5 will also have a brand new Sunday morning magazine show called NFL End Zone. The move is a return of the NFL to Channel 5, which showed pro football between 1998 and 2009. The first magazine show airs September 13, and the first live game - Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants – is on September 14.


Subscription: Sky Sports, the NFL's main broadcast partner in the UK, has several matches each week with shows hosted by main presenter Neil Reynolds. Sky has also launched its own dedicated NFL channel. www.skysports.com

NFL Game Pass

Online: The NFL's own online Game Pass is a fan favorite with a varied roster of content. Some (marked with a *) is available free of charge, the rest is paid for at ‘Pro' or Essential' levels. LIVE CONTENT: 2020 NFL Kickoff; All 250+ Games; All Playoffs Games; Super Bowl LV; NFL RedZone; * NFL Network Live 24/7. ON DEMAND CONTENT: Full Game Replay; * Sunday in 60'; Game Highlights - Game in 40'; * Game Highlights - 5' mins; Coaches Film; NFL Originals & Programs; * Multiple devices; * Content Download. For more details go to www.nflgamepass.com




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