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New Poll Confirms Bipartisan Support for American Rescue Plan

A new poll from Quinnipiac shows widespread support for the American Rescue Plan: nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the plan
By News Team
Published on February 9, 2021

Texas National Guard Texas National Guard medics join first responders at a mobile vaccination event. Texas Military Department photo by Bob Seyller.

A new poll from Quinnipiac shows widespread support for the American Rescue Plan: nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the plan, including nearly 7 in 10 Independents. This poll comes on the heels of findings three other recent polls from Monmouth and Yahoo/YouGov both showing broad support for the President’s plan. The recent Monmouth Poll showed that 71% of Americans would prefer Republicans in Congress find ways to work with Biden and Yahoo/YouGov showed that the President’s plan has garnered bipartisan support among the American people: more than two-thirds of Americans support core elements of the American Rescue Plan, including direct payments (74%), funding for vaccines (69%), a minimum wage increase (58%).

Specifically, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will:
Mount a national vaccination program, contain COVID-19, and safely reopen schools, including by setting up community vaccination sites nationwide, scaling up testing and tracing, eliminating supply shortage problems, investing in high-quality treatments, providing paid sick leave to contain spread of the virus, addressing health disparities, and making the necessary investments to meet the president’s goal of safely reopening a majority of K-8 schools in the first 100 days.
Deliver immediate relief to working families bearing the brunt of this crisis by sending $1,400 per-person checks to households across America, providing direct housing and nutrition assistance, expanding access to safe and reliable childcare and affordable healthcare, increasing the minimum wage, extending unemployment insurance, and giving families with kids and childless workers an emergency boost this year.
Support communities that are struggling in the wake of COVID-19 by providing support for the hardest-hit small businesses, especially small businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color, and protecting the jobs of the first responders, transit workers, and other essential workers we depend on.

Bipartisan mayors and local elected officials support President Biden’s plan too. 411 bipartisan mayors sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging immediate action on the plan. The National Association of County Officials, US Conference of Mayors, and National League of Cities have all recently praised the American Rescue Plan. And the top economic advisors from the last four presidents: Kevin Hassett, Gene Sperling, R. Glenn Hubbard, and Alan Blinder endorsed the plan and agreed that the cost of doing too little is greater than doing too much.

Read the full findings from Quinnipiac.

Read more about the American Rescue Plan at whitehouse.gov.


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