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Sky Pool Coming to Nine Elms

The world’s first floating 'sky pool' is opening 10 stories high in London’s Nine Elms, right next to the Embassy
By News Team
Published on May 7, 2021

Embassy Sky Pool

The Sky Pool, a 25-metre acrylic swimming pool, will stretch between the tenth story of the Embassy Gardens' Legacy Buildings, right next to the American Embassy in Nine Elms.

Reaching 35 meters into the London skyline, the sky pool will allow exclusive Embassy Garden members to feel as though they're floating above the city, with magnificent views of London below.

Residents will also have the choice to swim between the two blocks of apartments or use the adjoining walkway.

The plan to build the pool was announced back in 2015 by Irish developer Ballymore and was dismissed by some at the time as a PR stunt.

But the much-anticipated new addition to South London will open on May 19, while the opening will be livestreamed and will feature radio and TV host Roman Kemp.

Sky Pool

Synchronized swimming team, Acrobatix, will also perform a show in the brand-new pool during its grand opening.

Brian Eckersley, one of the Sky Pool's engineers, told MyLondon "Once you swim off, you can look right down. It will be like flying."

This pool is well traveled, being built nearly 5,000 miles away in Colorado, then driven to Texas, before being shipped across the Atlantic to the Netherlands. From there it was transferred to London to be filled with 148,000 liters of water.

It is set to be the highlight of the Embassy Gardens development by EcoWorld Ballymore, which includes 2,000 homes and luxury apartments, a retail space, office space, as well as bars, restaurants, and landscaped gardens in South London.




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