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Calling All American Writers

Page Turner Awards is inviting writers with American Interests at heart to join their community of writers and get involved in the Page Turner Awards 2021
By News Team
Published on February 21, 2021

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Page Turner Awards is inviting writers with American Interests at heart to join their community of writers and get involved in the Page Turner Awards 2021.

The Page Turner Awards is an inclusive writing and book awards with one goal – to change the lives of as many writers as possible. The team at Page Turner Awards passionately believes that talented writers can be from any background, age, race, religion, or interest.

There are talented undiscovered writers in the American writing community with undiscovered literary gems. Whether you have a non-fiction 'how to' guide, a tear-jerking memoir, a scandalous family drama, or the next-big-thing comedy, Page Turner Awards can’t wait to pass your story to their panel of influential literary judges, publishers and film producers.

If you've already written a film script, a television series, a manuscript or published a book and would like to reach a wider audience, you may want to enter for the possibility of winning a publishing deal, audiobook production or film rights option.

In total, there are five award categories, and you can enter up to five submissions across the different award categories.

  • Writing Award – for unpublished, completed manuscripts
  • Young Writer Award – for writers aged between 18 and 25
  • Writing Mentorship Award – for uncompleted manuscripts
  • Screenplay Award – for scriptwriters with a completed screenplay
  • Book Award – for authors with a published book, mainstream or independently published

All Awards accept fiction and non-fiction in all genres.

Founder of Page Turner Awards and award-winning novelist, Paula Wynne said: “There are writers from all walks of life, from manual laborers to academics, all with stories to tell, and most of them heart-warming and moving. We’re proud that our awards celebrate excellent writing and helps writers and authors to get their stories discovered.”

There is no doubt that the community with American Interests at heart, with their variety of unique life experiences, have some excellent and fascinating stories and advice to share.

During the pandemic writers have been spending more time creating the stories they always dreamed they would tell. Page Turner Awards ran a survey of their writers and surprise findings showed that 61% of writers are able to write more since the pandemic started.

Submissions close on the 31st of May. Find out more about The Page Turner Awards or submit your entry at pageturnerawards.com.




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