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Would You Hire This Person? Steve Jobs’ 1973 Job Application

By News Team
Published on March 18, 2021

Steve Jobs job application Jobs’ job application is up for auction

A handwritten job application from one “Steven jobs,” for a job (he doesn’t fill in ‘Position Desired’) at an unspecified company is being auctioned on March 24, 2021.

He uses no capital letters, no phone, “possible but not probobale [sic]” access to transportation – though he does have a driver’s license. He has special abilities in "electronics tech or design engineer. digital.-from Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic]" and, promisingly for an employer in the early ‘70s, skills in ‘Computer’ and ‘Calculator’. See the full form below.

The future Apple head honcho completed the application after he dropped out of his course at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, although he stayed on campus, auditing other students’ Shakespeare, calligraphy and dance courses, as shown by his address on the form: “reed college”.

The application is for sale by Charterfields, you can find the auction at www.i-bidder.com

As this is written, the current bid is £19,000, but it’s marked as ‘Reserve not yet met’. That’s perhaps unsurprising as the paper was sold in December 2017 for $18,750 and then in March 2018 for an astonishing $174,757 – a return almost as good as getting early into Apple stock.


Steve Jobs job application Steve Jobs’ job application from 1973


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