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US-UK Charitable Giving Increases

The CAF American Donor Fund increased its grant giving in 2019/20 by over £2m

Published on August 28, 2020

UK US Charitable Giving Photo: Karolina Grabowska

According to the latest Charitable Aid Foundation (CAF) annual report, the CAF American Donor Fund, which assists US/UK connnected individuals to donate to charitable concerns on both sides of the pond, increased the amount of money granted to charity in 2019-20, with 1376 grants totalling £82.7 million given out, compared to 1228 grants totalling £80.6m in 2018-19.

The increase in grants comes amidst the backdrop of a record year of grants from CAF, with the organization granting £702m to charities during 2019-20, a bigger number than the organization has ever granted in a single year.

CAF also reported a strong growth for CAF American, explaining that "CAF America’s growth has been inspirational, as donations surged by 125% as they continue to help generous American donors to grant vital funds to causes around the world. CAF Canada saw a remarkable increase in funds distributed of 214%."

Responding to the results, Chief Executive of CAF, Sir John Low, said "Despite a year that ended with uncertainty such as we have never seen in our lifetimes, our community of donors, be they individuals or companies, responded with record levels of generosity. At CAF, we are proud to have facilitated the distribution of those vital funds to so many good causes around the world, especially as many now find themselves in such challenging straits. The numbers in this year’s annual report translate into tangible, vital support for the millions of people who rely on the work of charities. The months and indeed years ahead will not be easy ones for both charities and the people they support, but the willingness to give detailed in this year’s report provide a sense of hope that we will be able to recover, rebuild and thrive once again."

To read the full report, go to www.cafonline.org. You can also read more about the CAF American Donor Fund and its response to Covid-19 via The American's website, go to www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/411-How-Covid-19-Changed-Charity




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