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New U.S. Embassy in London Receives Award of Excellence from Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

By News Team
Published on February 6, 2021

US Embassy

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a leading international organization in the field of tall buildings and urban sustainability, honored the U.S. Embassy in London as a 2020 Award of Excellence Winner in the Best Tall Building Under 100 Meters category.

The Embassy, recognized for its exceptional environmental leadership and energy-efficient design, showcases the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations’ (OBO) commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable innovation. Designed by Philadelphia-based architecture firm Kieran Timberlake and constructed by B.L. Harbert International, the building incorporates multiple energy conservation strategies, including daylight-responsive lighting and shade controls, passive and active chilled beams, efficient mechanical systems, and combined heat and power generation. Renewable energy is harnessed through the use of photovoltaic technology and ground source heat pumps, which use energy from the earth to heat and cool the building. The Embassy represents the best of U.S. architecture, engineering, and technology and sets a new standard for the design of diplomatic campuses overseas.

The U.S. Embassy in London was honored alongside other projects around the world that have contributed to the advancement of tall buildings and urban environments. CTBUH will officially present the award at the 2021 Tall & Urban Innovation Conference in May.


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