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The Keller Family The Keller Family at the crash site near St Mawgan on March 11, 2019. They proudly held the US Flag up – note it has 48 stars, the World War Two version of the Stars and Stripes (Alaska and Hawaii became States in 1959). Photo © Harry Bennett

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US Family visit Cornwall to pay tribute to US Crew of WW2 B24 Bomber Ole Faithful
The Keller family traveled to the UK in tribute to those American servicemen who died, and those who survived, including Floyd Keller

Published on March 11, 2019

A family from America has visited Cornwall today to pay tribute at the crash site of a World War Two B24 Bomber, the Ole Faithful, which came down on December 21, 1943, killing 4 US Servicemen and badly injuring 4 others. Sgt Roby Altizer, Lt Col. George M. MacNicol, Major E. F. Drake and Major Harry G. Bowers died in the accident, while Capt. Charles L. Hobbs, 2nd Lt. Rudolph P. Wilderman, Private Paul A. Baker and 1st Lt. Floyd Henry Keller suffered major injuries but survived.

75 years later, the family of Floyd Henry Keller have made a Transatlantic journey to visit the crash site near RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall to find out more about the incident, and to honor the 8 men who were on board the Ole Faithful. Keller's granddaughter, Kami Beaty, recently wrote to us about the history of the Ole Faithful, and the life of her Grandfather. In traveling to the UK, the Keller family is raising awareness of a little reported accident, and a story that is important in the context of the UK-US alliance that fought together during the Second World War.

The visit, which took place today (March 11), is being covered by the BBC and will be reported tomorrow (March 12) on TV and Radio. BBC Spotlight (The regional news segment show for South West England) will broadcast a report on the family's visit as part of its segments on BBC Breakfast on BBC One tomorrow morning, as well as during BBC Spotlight at lunchtime (1:30pm), with a longer report in the evening at 6:30pm. If you're not in the South West of England, you'll be able to stream the report on BBC iPlayer on/after March 12th, or check out the BBC Spotlight homepage.

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