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WW2 US Veterans To Be Honored with Free Flight Experiences in 2021

Dream Flights, the organization behind the experiences, is hoping to honor as many WW2 veterans as possible with Operation September Freedom

Published on December 8, 2020

Dream Flights Dream Flights is an organization offering free flights in a Stearman biplane to WW2 veterans, in order to honor their legacy

US veterans of the Second World War are being invited to take part in free flight experiences in a Stearman biplane, as part of Operation September Freedom (OSF), a national effort to honor as many surviving US veterans as possible.

OSF is being arranged by Dream Flights, formerly known as the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation. Dream Flights offers free flights to veterans on board a restored, open cockpit Stearman biplane. Operation September Freedom is due to start its tour of America in August 2021, running through to the end of September 2021.

Explaining the mission, Darryl Fisher, founder and president of Dream Flights, said that "OSF may be our nation's last opportunity to recognize and honor the men and women whose sacrifice led to the Sept. 2, 1945 signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, which effectively ended WWII. We're asking all Americans to join our effort to locate members of the Greatest Generation so we can thank them one last time for their service."

So far, the organization has given experiences to over 4,000 veterans and senior citizens living in retirement and long-term care communities. The flights involve passengers experiencing heights of 1,000 feet for 20 minutes. Dream Flights' pilots work for major airlines, and many are themselves in the military or ex-military airmen.

"OSF will be the largest barnstorming event in history" says Fisher, adding that "Wherever WWII veterans are located, we'll find our way to their nearest airport and create a moment of magic they can relive until their last days".

If you have a relative who is a veteran of the Second World War, or know someone who served in the American forces during WWII, check out dreamflights.org/honor for details on requesting a flight.




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