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Team USA at the 2017 Simpson Cup Team USA at the 2017 Simpson Cup at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Britain

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The Simpson Cup 2018 Preview
The Ryder-Cup style golf event for injured veterans returns to New York in September 2018, we spoke to members of Team USA
Published on August 17, 2018

On September 23, 2018, 13 injured American veterans and 13 injured British veterans will take to the course at New York's Maidstone Club as the annual Simpson Cup for injured service personel gets underway. The series is currently tied, with Team USA taking the trophy at last year's event at Royal Birkdale in the UK. The stakes couldn't be higher between the two protagonists of the Special Relationship, but the sky is truly the limit for what this incredibly important event can achieve, and what it means for those involved. We've been honored to have the chance to hear from some of the American golfers flying the flag for Team USA as they prepare for the big occasion - click on the images below to hear their inspiring stories as they manouvered from Military Green to Putting Green. But first of all, let us tell you exactly what The Simpson Cup and its sister organization, the On Course Foundation, is all about.

The inaugural Simpson's Cup was held in 2012 at TPC Sawgrass, and was the brainchild of John Simpson, the former Senior Vice President of International Management Group (IMG), who has only one fully-functioning leg as a result of suffering from polio as a child. The Cup is the annual "Super Bowl" of the On Course Foundation, an organization officially launched by Simpson in 2010 in the UK and USA to support injured service personnel from both sides of the Atlantic. With the goal of giving those injured men and women the chance to compete on a level playing field, either by becoming players themselves, or through finding employment in the golf industry, the On Course Foundation has gone from strength to strength as it prepares for the 7th annual Simpson Cup. The players who will participate in the cup are all On Course members, and from their answers to our Q&As, are definitely passionate about everything that the Foundation represents.

The Simpson Cup returns to the UK in 2019, where the 8th annual event takes place at the legendary St Andrews in Scotland, but it's all to play for in the 2018 matchup which takes place between 23 and 26 September in New York. With the series tied at a finely balanced 3-3, the Americans and Brits will clash in the bunkers and greens of the Maidstone Club to take home the Cup. If you're looking for inspiration today, you'll find it in this feature - hear from the American players about how they become involved, how the Cup and the On Course Foundation has helped them, and what it means to be representing the Stars and Stripes as the Simpson Cup returns to US soil.

Do also check out the Simpson Cup website, at www.simpsoncup.com and the On Course Foundation at www.oncoursefoundation.com about ways to get involved.


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