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Chris Jericho – "The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea"
By Josh Modaberi, November 13, 2014

Chris Jericho, the grappler from Winnipeg, Manitoba who has wrestled for ECW, WCW and WWEs and won 30 championships along the way, has a number of projects outside of the squared circle, including his rock band Fozzy and his podcast. Jericho has also released his third autobiography, The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea.

Growing up Jericho states he only wanted to be two things, a wrestler and a rock star, and he has achieved both of those goals in amazing fashion.

In the wrestling world he has also achieved his boyhood dream of working with two of his favourite stars, Shawn Michaels and Rickie 'The Dragon' Steamboat.

"In 2003 Shawn and I stole the show at WrestleMania 19, which was like a dream come true," Jericho told The American. "However it wasn't until 2008 when I created this whole new villain character that was just hated in the world of wrestling but was also hated outside of that – I was getting chased down the streets outside arenas.

"I got to work with Shawn during that point of my career as well and that was probably one of the best angles in WWE history. We created that angle from scratch and very organically because it wasn't supposed to be something that lasted seven months, it was only supposed to be a one night thing. The chemistry Shawn and I had during that feud stems from me being a huge fan of his when I was a kid and we became peers and friends and co–workers.

"I was also a big Steamboat fan as a kid and I have a great picture from when I met him when I was about 16–years–old at an auto show. He was always one of those guys that I really appreciated his style of work, he was a so called smaller guy in the business but the way he carried himself and his work rate was second to none. When it came time for me to work with him at WrestleMania 25, it was a really cool moment – he came out of retirement to work with me and we had an amazing match that night."

During his last spell with the company Jericho had a feud with one of the hottest young talents in the WWE, Bray Wyatt.

"I came back to specifically work with Bray," he continued. "I enjoy his character and I think he does a great job working that character and committing to it.

"I think Bray will be a world champion very soon in the WWE and I really enjoyed working with him. Our steel cage match was the best match we had and I think it was a great performance."

Jericho also has his eye on a number of other guys he would like to work with when he makes his return to the WWE.

"When the time comes for me to go back, if I have some time and they're willing to have me back I will look through the roster and see what works and makes sense," the 44–year–old said. "Seth Rollins is great, Dean Ambrose is great, I think Daniel Bryan as a babyface vs myself as a heel would tear the house down."

Fozzy is Jericho's band and they have gone from strength to strength over the years and have even supported the likes of Metallica and will once again be returning to the UK in 2015.

"It has been a lot of hard work with people telling you, you can't do something," he added. "You have to carry on believing in yourself and believe in what you're doing and not listening to the haters. You just have to focus in on it, put your nose to the grind and make it happen, make it work and when you get that attitude nothing can stop you, especially if you're good at what you do.

"That is one of the things I love about Fozzy, we're working really hard to get to where we're at. There is still a lot of work we can do but the bottom line is it's gratifying for us to know we're coming back to the UK in March, it is the biggest tour we will have ever done and the buzz about the band is bigger than ever before.

"It's cool to know we've gained the fan base and we hope to continue to grow and continue to gain the fan base. The band kicks ass, every single step we take up the ladder we feel very honoured but there is still a lot of ground left for us to cover and the potential is off the chart, it is just a great feeling within the band."

Chris Jericho is a great performer both in the ring wrestling and on stage singing, and we can't wait to see more of Chris doing both in the UK in 2015.

Chris Jericho's new autobiography; The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea is out now. For more information on Chris you can follow him on Twitter @IAmJericho. You can also follow Fozzy @FOZZYROCK and visit www.fozzyrock.com

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