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Drew Galloway Interview
The professional wrestler who has achieved so much already in his career is now in TNA and looking to make a stand for the sport he loves.
By Josh Modaberi, April 22, 2015

Drew Galloway began wrestling when he was just 15-years-old when he would embark on a 12-hour journey from Scotland to Portsmouth, England, but his love for the sport began way before then.

"It's all I ever wanted to do, I can't even pinpoint a time where I wanted to be a wrestler, I just knew wrestling is what I was going to do my entire life," Galloway exclusively told The American. "I was looking for wrestling schools when I was 11-years-old, and finally when I was 15-years-old my mum agreed to let me go to Portsmouth which is 12 hours from where I lived in Ayr, Scotland.

"That's when my training began and about a year later we began the independent Scottish wrestling scene, which has evolved into something incredible with Insane Championship Wrestling."

Insane Championship wrestling is the premier wrestling promotion in Scotland and have had a number of tours of the UK. Galloway is the company's champion and he can't believe how far the company has come.

"When I made my return to ICW and the lights come on and I pulled the hood back, I looked around and I couldn't believe the building was packed with 1,500 people," he continued. "The original ICW documentary on the BBC, they would have been happy with a couple of 100,000 views and they ended up breaking 1.3 million and everybody involved was blown away by the result.

"They began filming the second ICW documentary on the night when I made my comeback, they followed the three guys, Grado, Jester and Dallas again and then they added me into it. I explained to them who I was and the second one did great numbers and you can expect more still to come."

Galloway really made a name for himself when he signed for the WWE alongside two other British stars, Ireland's Sheamus and England's Wade Barrett.

"I will never forget it, I was in the ring with all of the agents and stuff and John Laurinaitis who was head of talent relations at the time asked me to take a walk with him," the Scottish grappler said. "We took a walk and he told me he was thinking about taking me over to America, and I replied I'm thinking about letting you, it was pretty unbelievable.

"I then found out Wade had just signed as well, we then spoke to Sheamus and he hadn't spoken to John yet so we told him to go talk to him and he offered Sheamus a deal as well.

"None of us could believe what had just happened and we went and celebrated straight away by having a beer at the concession stand in the arena."

WWE's chairman Vince McMahon cut a promo that Drew will never forget, naming Drew as 'The Chosen One' and a future World Champion. However the wrestler from Ayr believes he still has something to prove to the fans as to what Vince saw in him.

"I couldn't process it, I didn't know it was going to happen, "he added. "I got told Vince was going to go out before me when I was in the gorilla position to do a promo and I watched from behind the curtain thinking, what the heck is going on.

"Something like that had never happened before and is never going to happen again. When people look back in history and see him endorse me it was just unbelievable. When the guy who has created the modern day wrestling scene endorsed you like that is amazing.

"No matter what happened following that in WWE, but what has happened since leaving WWE and the reputation I've built on my own back and now being in TNA, hopefully I'm showing the world what Vince saw in me is still there and it was just lying dormant but I'm making sure it comes out now and I'm not going to be happy until I'm the best wrestler in the entire world."

Drew made his TNA debut in his home country of Scotland during the company's annual UK tour and he has made a real impact in the few months he has been with TNA stepping up to MVP and the BDC by bringing in his own group of wrestlers, The Rising.

"I want to make a difference in wrestling," Galloway stated. "I want people to look back in history and see that Drew made a difference, I went out there and recreated myself because of the power of social media.

"I went back to Scotland, my return promo got the buzz, people believed in me and gave me a platform and I was able to do everything I planned in my head times a thousand. I then showed up in TNA as myself on a worldwide stage and I've literally been doing everything I've been doing anyway while doing TNA, which is absolutely awesome."

When asked what goals Drew has in TNA his answer simple to win the World Title.

"The first name that comes to mind for me is Kurt Angle, he's the obvious one. Kurt is the World Champion right now, I watched him growing up and he's known for his intensity, I'm known for my aggression. The possibility that I can step in the ring with one of the greatest of all time, Kurt Angle for the World Title, and the idea that I can win the World Title from Kurt Angle sounds insane to me but that is my goal right now.

"At the moment I'm a champion in four different promotions, with five titles in three continents. I have the ICW title, the Dragon Gate title, the Evolve title, the Australian title and the Danish title. I've taken the ICW title and the Evolve title around the world and made them world titles, I want to become the first traveling world champion since Ric Flair and I want to win that TNA title and start taking it around the world with my other gold."

You can watch Drew on TNA Impact every Sunday night at 9pm on Challenge TV in the UK and you can follow him on Twitter @GallowaySpeaks



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