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Robbie E
By Josh Modaberi, April 2, 2015

Robbie E has been in TNA for five years now and during that time a lot has changed.

One of the biggest changes for the company happened at the start of 2015 when TNA moved from Spike TV to Destination America – it's a move that Robbie thinks has been worthwhile for all the parties involved.

"I think any change is good change," the grappler from New Jersey exclusively told The American. "Change is a good thing, it keeps all of the wrestlers on the edge of their seats and the same can be said for the fans.

"I like the fact TNA has gone back to the six sided ring from the traditional four sided ring, it gives us a different look and makes us stand out. We were on Spike for a long time and were their number one show, but they didn't give us back what we gave them.

"We're already the number one show on Destination America and the company is really behind us, they want to do what they can to make us the best we can be. Everyone involved is happy to be on Destination America and the future looks bright."

Robbie shared a locker room with Sting for a number of years when 'The Icon' was in TNA and the member of the Bro Mans gave his thoughts on Sting's WrestleMania moment against Triple H.

"I think whatever Sting wants Sting deserves," Robbie E explained. "Sting has put his whole life into professional wrestling so if performing at WrestleMania and having his WrestleMania moment is what he wanted then more power to him, I'm happy for him."

There have been a few new additions to the TNA roster over the past several months and Robbie is looking forward to stepping in the ring with some of the new talent.

"It's always good to get in the ring with someone I've not been in there with yet," the 31–year–old said. "Drew Galloway is somebody that fits that bill, he is a super talented guy. You can tell Drew is in good shape and he loves pro wrestling so I would love to get in the ring with him for a match and go toe–to–toe."

TNA are now only doing two live PPV's a year, Slammiversary in June and Bound For Glory in October. Last year TNA held their Bound For Glory PPV abroad to Tokyo, Japan. Robbie believes after successful shows and great fans in the UK it won't be long before TNA bring one of their big two PPV's over to the UK.

"The UK tour is the most exciting time of the year for TNA," he added. "All of the wrestlers and production team look forward to it, the energy is like no other and every year tops the previous year. The UK fans are great and the television show we produce whilst we are there are like no other. We've done television over in the UK, we've done live events, why not do a PPV over there, the fans deserve it and I'm sure everyone would love for that to happen, it's just a matter of when.

"I think there is really a good possibility of us having Slammiversary or Bound For Glory in the UK, I think it will be exciting to have a PPV there and TNA are always trying new things and doing new things."

Since joining TNA in 2010 Robbie E has won numerous titles including; Television title, X Division title and Tag Team titles. One that has eluded him is the World Title but it's a championship he has his eyes firmly set on winning.

"I've held all of the title in TNA apart from one, the TNA Heavyweight World Title. If I can win that championship it will put me on the shortlist of grand slam champions. I've got my eyes on winning that world title and would love to go at it with Kurt Angle."

You can follow Robbie E on Twitter @RobbieEImpact and you can see Robbie in action every Sunday night on Challenge TV at 9pm



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