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Mc & Sons Mc & Sons – a warm welcome is guaranteed

Mc & Sons
160 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN
By Michael M Sandwick

Pubs have been evolving in Inghilterra since the Romans introduced them in 43 AD! From ale houses to gin palaces to gastro pubs, they have remained at the centre of British life. Thankfully, I no longer crawl from pub to pub. I walk upright in a well-rehearsed imitation of sobriety! Last week’s stroll took me to the latest pub-carnation. Irish boozer and Thai street food. Blimey!

Chef Lailar married into the McElhinney family and brought Chang Mai cuisine with her. Flavourful, plentiful and cheap! Perfect when you’ve put away a coupla pints and need some food so you can put away a couple more.

A mug of mulled wine and some blarney from the publican put me in great spirits. Me and everyone else. The place was teeming! The traditional pub coconut curry combo is a hit. Rightly so.

A mixed platter of deep fry (£6.95) included corn fritters, veg spring rolls, butterfly prawns, chicken satay and veg tempura. A real meal deal. Light, crisp and served with the usual sweet chili and peanut dips.

A mild northern Thai curry was more than I could eat at £9.25. Topped with crispy noodles which, according to Lailar, are like Weetabix. Some like ‘em crispy, others soggy.

The green chicken curry (£8.95) packed a good deal more punch. Delish!

A large Malbec Truffier (£7.70) kept me in company with the happy masses. If you like din with your dinner, here’s the place!


Mc & Sons The traditional pub coconut curry combo is a hit.


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