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A Right Royale Tea Lady Right meets her guests at A Right Royale Tea

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Right On - A Right Royale Tea Immersive Theatre Experience

Amba Hotel, Charing Cross. Sundays until September 1

By Alex Kolton
Published on August 08, 2019

There is little more enjoyable then dining and being entertained at the same time, right? You can have it all watching A Right Royale Tea, an immersive theatre experience at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross. It is a charming day out for families, a mother and daughter day out, and a perfect place for a birthday celebration.

Few cities have the array of experiences that London has to offer and with an unending talent pool, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to see theatre and eat cake at the same time. You become part of the cast as a party goer, going back to the 1920's at Lord and Lady Right's crumbling stately home. The ensemble cast includes a lippy daughter in Dr Martens, the lawyer, the maid and the waiter who are trying desperately to raise funds to keep the heat on and save Crawley Manor from becoming a bus station. Did I mention there are delicious tea sandwiches too?

A great deal of the show is improvised. There are some predictable, posh behaviours and "Fawlty Towers" like humour and physical comedy. The entertainer, "Barbra Dry-sand" did not show so we were treated to a sterling singing performance by Lady Right played by actress Elizabeth Hill of Downton Abbey fame.

A right enjoyable day out.

Sundays at the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross- Until the 1st of September 2019

www.amba-hotel.com/en/london/charing-cross #ARightRoyaleTea


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