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Love Yourself food

Love Yourself home delivery review

Fresh seasonal food meals delivered to your door
Reviewed by Michael M Sandwick
Published on May 12, 2020

Love myself??? What do you think I’ve been doing? For 2 months…in isolation! Even I don’t love myself THAT much!!! I have however, prepared all my own meals during that time, so it was a real treat to have a day’s worth delivered by Love Yourself. A delovery!

Chef Michal Snela Chef Michal Snela

The great concept delivers fresh, seasonal food that meets a high standard of health and dietary requirements. It’s especially good for those who want to lose weight or fitness folk, conscious of their caloric intake. You choose your diet, how many calories you want and how many days of the week you want it for. The delivery arrives the night before with all your meals for the following day. It couldn’t be easier.

When the enormous bag arrived I thought, “I’ll never eat all this!” I did. Since Corona, I only eat twice a day. Chef Michal Snela prefers the “little and often” philosophy. 5 meals a day.

There are many options: gluten free, vegetarian, keto etc. etc. etc. I chose a balanced diet of 2000 calories (£22) with a message that I am intolerant of nuts. The receipt on my bag had “no nuts” printed on it. 3 out of 5 dishes contained nuts! This was printed clearly on each list of ingredients, so I had ample warning and luckily, my intolerance is mild so I just picked them out. Still, I would have preferred not to have them at all.

Breakfast was 2 large wedges of something akin to a tortilla, or crustless quiche, with spinach, tomato and mozzarella. Very light, but the large portion filled me up. It came with a green salad drenched in oil and hazelnuts. I would never have thought of green salad at breakfast. I still wouldn’t but my day got off to a healthy start and fuelled my daily bike ride.

I returned to a mid-morning snack of chilled, raw green vegetable soup. It wasn’t the flavour bomb I had anticipated from the brilliant green color but it was a superb pick-me-up. I felt completely invigorated and attacked my garden like a warrior! After a good 2 hours, I was ready for lunch.

This was the most robust meal of the day. Roast chicken breast with mixed root vegetable, cheddar and buckwheat salad. The nuggets of chicken were beautifully spiced and cooked to the consistency of leather. Such a shame. I wanted to love it and couldn’t.

A bit of office work brought me to an afternoon snack of Quinoa, apple and blueberry muffins. These were very dense and moist, without the crumb (or calories) of a traditional muffin. They did keep me going for online bridge from 6 – 8 and my Corona concentration seemed much improved!

For din-din, quinoa tabbouleh with Baharat broad beans and cherry tomatoes was fresh, tasty and surprisingly filling. Truly, a super salad.

I love this concept. We all need good, healthy, nutritious food in the best of times. Now we need it more than ever.


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