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National Geographic Traveller Food Festival John Torode educates and entertains at the National Geographic Traveller Food Festival

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National Geographic Traveller Food Festival

Visitors enjoyed celebrity chef demonstrations and sampled everything from Moose Maple Butter to Cannabis Tea at National Geographic‘s inaugural London food fest
By Alex Kolton
Published on July 23, 2019
National Geographic Traveller Food Festival Cannabis Tea, just one of the delicacies on offer

The first ever National Geographic Traveller Food Festival took off at the Business Design Centre in Islington July 20 and 21, 2019, offering what we never get tired of, TFD – Travel, Food and Drink. Inextricably linked and accessible to all humans, all walks of life turned out with tickets costing £22.

It is natural that when wandering the earth an adventuresome traveller might be likely to experiment and eat something outrageous like Stinkheads from Alaska, fermented King salmon heads buried then dug up – Stinkheads were not available at the festival, but many delicacies were to be had.

Specialty truffles from a Croatian family owned business since 1966 called Truffella karlictartufi.hr offered a full range of truffle infused products. Most notably, Dark Chocolate Cream with truffles spreadable on bread or a cracker, a complex delight that lingered on my tongue for some time after.

One of the busiest purveyors at the show, The Milk and Honey Distillery from Israel delivered exceptionally sippable whisky owing to the countries high temperatures and humidity. The Single Malt Whisky 2nd Edition, coming of age end of the 2019 is a limited edition of 324 bottles at 46%.

National Geographic Traveller Food Festival Meet Moose Maple Butter

The Moose Maple Butter company, all the way from from Wales, tapped it with their delectable maple butter - #spreadthemoose. Products with cannabis such as Cannabis Tea had high interest levels and the gourmet tequila Fortaleza from Mexico with a stunning hand blown bottle top had people four deep waiting to taste.

Appearances by Raymond Blanc, Adam Handling, food writer Kay Plunkett-Hogge and Asma Khan, John Torode and Andi Oliver made for a perfect time to sit down and listen and try a coffee from the new Siemens EQ.9 plus Bean-to-Cup coffee machine which can be purchased on John Lewis. This home coffee machine has a very smart computer to capture the details of your java habit.

In 2017, National Geographic introduced their food magazine to a hungry audience ready to be seduced by mouth-watering culinary photography. It seems surprising they hadn’t produced one already. A well respected institution, I feel certain the event will become an annual pleasure and it is one of those rare destinations were you can bring children and mother in law and all will be captivated.



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