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Thai Square Interior

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Thai Square Restaurant Review
Thai Square, Trafalgar Square, 21 – 24 Cockspur Street London, SW1Y 5BN
Reviewed by Michael M Sandwick
Published on January 29, 2019

Lobster Tails Lobster Tails

Every year at about this time, I get a yearning for Thailand. It’s such a glorious way to beat the January blues. This year it wasn’t in the budget so the invitation to dine at Thai Square came just in time. The temple-like interior soothed my soul, the food piqued my palate and the servers added the grace that is so often lacking in London. Not quite the getaway I need, but for a few hours, I could pretend.

My saucy guest dove into a Sex in the Jungle (£10). White rum, Midori, Malibu, Bols Blue Curacao, orange and pineapple juice. Just looking at it had me longing for a hammock, palm trees and a second straw!!! No Ginuary for me. I’ve decided to try sobriety for the month and had to make do with a mocktail. Passion Paradise (£7.95) was full of fruit and virtue. It would have been perfect with a double shot of something. ANYTHING!

Soft shell crab (£9.95) was nicely battered with a bit of spice and came with shredded green mango, roasted coconut flakes and fried shallots. Fresh, sweet and savoury but without the kick of chilli.

4 grilled scallops with coriander, green chilli, garlic and fresh lime (£7.95) were full of flavour and good value. Served in their shells added a nice touch but oddly, on top of shredded lettuce.

Flaming Cocktail Flaming Cocktail

Lamb cutlets marinated in Thai herbs (£17.95) came with tamarind dip and papaya salad. Tasty but tame. This dish seemed to be created for the western palate as opposed to the papaya salad in Bangkok which blew my head off.

Lobster tails in home-made Thai green chilli paste, coconut milk, aubergine, lime leaves and sweet basil leaves (£26.95) was much closer to the real deal. A fragrant, full-on green curry, rich and complex. I enjoyed every mouthful.

There is quite a bit of lobster and other high-end items on the menu, but a fair amount of reasonably priced dishes as well. It is not street food to be sure, but a meal here doesn’t have to be expensive.

I insisted my guest try a glass of Colombard from Monsoon Valley in Thailand (£7.50). Neither of us had ever heard of Thai wine before and I did have one mouthful. It’s my job!!! It was quite respectable. Crisp and green with the tart flavour of gooseberry. Very nice with spicy food.

Mango with sticky rice pudding (£7.95) is the classic Thai dessert. It was very well done though sun-ripened mango is impossible to get here. Not that we left any on the plate! A sundae of coconut ice cream, papaya, pineapple jam, palm seeds cashew nuts and sticky rice pudding was an excellent dessert. The ice cream was exceptional. I was scolded for eating the last bite by my cocktail slurping, wine swilling guest.

I’m still longing for a hammock. Perhaps I’ll just don a pair of sunglasses and head to Thai Square!


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