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August 11 2020

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Bully Ray Interview
Josh Modaberi, The American's grapple guru, talks to one half of one of the greatest tag teams to ever step foot inside the squared circle
October 3, 2013

Bully Ray – Bound For Glory?
Bully Ray is one half of one of the greatest tag teams to ever step foot inside the squared circle. The Dudley Boyz / Team 3D (Bubba Ray Dudley / Brother Ray & D-Von Dudley / Brother Devon) have won 23 World Tag Team Championships, making them the most decorated tag team in history and they are the only team to have held the WWE, WCW, ECW, NWA, TNA, and IWGP Tag Team Titles.

Bully and his tag team partner have since gone their separate ways but that hasn't put a stop to winning gold as he is the current TNA World Champion holding the title for a second time, and he is looking to successfully defend his championship against AJ Styles at the Bound For Glory PPV.

"I think being in the main event at Bound For Glory and defending my World Heavyweight Championship is the perfect spot for me to be in right now," Bully exclusively told The American. "Defeating AJ Styles will be the cherry on top of my World Title run, beating Jeff Hardy at LockDown inside of a steel cage and now going on to our biggest PPV of the year Bound For Glory.

"If you look at AJ styles right now in terms of his in ring ability he is always going to be phenomenal, but he doesn't have his head on right, there is something going on in his head. He has been saying some weird things, he has got some weird issues going on with Dixie Carter, so I'm very confident that AJ's head is not in the right place and that's not even because of me.

"When I start messing around with his head then that is when he's really going to be screwed."

Bully isn't just looking at defending his title at Bound For Glory but has set his sights much further afield and his looking to be the World Champion when TNA arrive in the UK on their annual tour at the end of January 2014.

"I love coming over to the UK and pissing people off," the 42-year-old continued. "I bring a very high level of entertainment as do all of the athletes in TNA. When we get over there to Britain the fans are so passionate, where ever we are in the UK, Dublin, Glasgow, London.

"When you have passionate fans like that it makes the wrestlers want to go out there and fight even harder. Some of our biggest ever crowds were in London. so I'm always looking forward to getting over there and kicking major ass in front of the UK audience."

The Glasgow date of the UK tour is going to be a wrestling first as TNA will be broadcasting their flagship show IMPACT! live on Challenge TV, and this is something that Bully is relishing.

"It's going to awesome, when people know they are on live television they go crazy, they go nuts." he added. "You get that feeling that anything can happen at any given time, and when I'm in Glasgow I'm going to try and get people riled up so bad that all they are going to want to do is fight me.

"I'll fight everybody in Glasgow if I have to on live TV, I don't care. Once I'm done fighting them I'll go to their local pubs and whip their colours off their back."

The former ECW and WWE Tag Team Champion is a massive soccer fan, Bully is an avid follow of the sport and says he has the perfect way of winding the fans up which is soccer related.

"I've always been a fan of soccer since I was a kid, I was never in a team but played it for fun," the grappler from Queens, New York continued. "My family were from Italian dissent and I remember watching with my grandfather a team from Bari, Italy.

"I always loved the sport and as i got older it was always hard to find quality soccer in the United States. I became an AC Milan fan, I was such a big fan of Gattuso and his style of play, he's a bully on the field which pretty much sums it all up.

"I'm a fan of the whole of the Premier League, it's such as fast, aggressive style and i just love the passion of the game. A few years ago when I performed in Manchester I came out wearing a Steven Gerrard Liverpool jersey and that got the crowd going pretty well."

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