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August 11 2020

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Eric Young
The TNA's new World Heavyweight Champion tells The American's Josh Modaberi he will defend his title against anybody, any place, any time
By Josh Modaberi, May 06, 2014

Eric Young has been with TNA for nearly ten years now and has won numerous titles in the company including the, X Division championship, Tag Team titles, Television title and even the Knockouts Tag Team titles.

Now Young can had another title to that list, and that is the daddy of them all, the World Heavyweight Championship.

"I've done all these different roles and played so many different types of characters," the 34–year–old added. "I've been X–Division Champion, I've held Tag Team titles on numerous occasions with different guys, I've been the TV champ, and I've even won the Knockouts Tag Titles with ODB.

"I don't think there is anybody that doesn't want to become World Heavyweight champion when they are in this business. It's always something that I wanted, and personally it's always something I believed I could do.

"The night I won the belt from Magnus on IMPACT! was a great feeling, I'm not taking anything away from him, it was an amazing match and he's a super talented guy but I was better that day and now I'm the World champion and that sounds kind of crazy to say out loud."

Young says that now he is the top dog in the company he wants to be a fighting champion and won't be afraid to defend his title at any time.

"I told the fans and I meant it, that I'm going to be a fighting champion, that's the kind of champion I like and that is the kind of champion I'm going to be," he continued. "Every chance I get to defend my title I will, I will defend my title against anybody, any place, any time.

"The list is huge, pound–for–pound TNA has one of the best pro wrestling rosters in the world. I've got a massive history with Bobby Roode, and he was they guy that held the belt longer than anybody, I would love to get in the ring and test myself against him.

"Guys like Hall-of-Famer Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, James Storm, Gunner, Ken Anderson, these are all guys that I want to defend my belt against. They are all worthy, they all deserve a shot at the belt and secondly I want to test myself against the best and see what happens."

'Showtime' Eric Young is going to be coming over the UK with a host of other TNA wrestlers for the annual Maximum Impact tour in January and he is hoping to still have the gold around his waste.

"I've always prided myself putting in 100% effort and it doesn't matter if I'm sick or I’m hurt I will always put in the same amount of effort," Young said. "As champion I feel that extra weight on my shoulders, being 'the guy' it's important for me that people say Eric Young was involved in the best match on the show.

"For me it's about making moments and memories, it's about making people remember stuff. I've had lots of positive feedback so far and I just want to continue defending my belt and being the best I can and I want to still be World Champion when we head back over to the UK in January.

"Every member of the TNA roster who secures a slot on the UK Tour is honoured by the opportunity. The support from the awesome TNA fans across the UK make the tour some of our most memorable moments as professional athletes and it will be a great honour to come over as champion."

In January TNA will be visiting Glasgow, Manchester and London, MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour tickets are available via www.facebook.com/tnawrestlinguk, www.gigsandtours.com/go/tna2015gen, and www.ticketmaster.co.uk/TNA-Wrestling-tickets/artist/1008830

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