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August 11 2020

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Interview: Ramon Foster
The Pittsburgh Steelers guard intends to be 'consistent and dominant'.
He talks to The American's Josh Modaberi

August 5, 2013

Ramon Foster in action for the Steelers
Photo © Pittsburgh Steelers/Karl Roser

The new NFL season kick-off is on September 5th and the Pittsburgh Steelers – perennial contenders but 8-8 in 2012, are a side that have more to prove than most in the coming campaign. Ramon Foster is rearing to go for the new season and has been preparing himself mentally during the off season.

"During the off-season you have to push yourself very hard," he continued. "I think that is one of the biggest dynamics of playing in the NFL.

"The workouts are very challenging, you have to do different things to keep yourself mentally strong because the physical things you can handle - it's the mental things to keep on pushing when a workout gets hard or if it is a tough game."

Foster is disappointed with the Steelers' 2012 campaign and only has one thing on his mind: recapturing the Super Bowl. "Last season we had an 8-8 season and as far as I'm concerned that is way below the line of what we looked to achieve. 8-8 isn't something to be glad about with the way we play football and we're looking to bounce back from it. The Super Bowl is everything we strive for.

"As far as my own personal goals I am aiming to be consistent and dominant. That is one of the most important things you can do in this sport - to be dominant in every facet. That's one of the main things I focus on."

One of the scheduling hurdles the Steelers face is an early date for their International Series game in London, September 29, a month earlier than NFL teams are used to playing at Wembley Stadium. Ramon is undaunted:

"Usually the International Series games take place in October. However, this season there are two games in London and our game is the first one, in week 4. Personally I don't think it will make any difference having the game in September - each Sunday is the same and that's how we've got to treat it. Whether it's early or late in the season kind of doesn't matter. Maybe we'll be just more ready to go as it's early.

"We take it one week at a time and to play over in London early on in the season means we might have less injuries and the guys are still energised."

Foster who was a starter for the Steelers at Super Bowl XLV, is looking forward to the encounter. "Wembley is a great stadium and when it is filled with 90,000 people the atmosphere is going to be amazing. Hopefully they embrace us the same way they do with the soccer.

"I've watched a few of the NFL games that have been played at Wembley Stadium in the past and it always looks like it is a good environment to play in, I'm looking forward to it. It will be a regular game for us but in a different environment which will be very special."

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