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September 25 2021

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Observations, Opinion & Occasional Silliness by Richard L Gale

Ready For The Long Haul
April 23, 2008

The NFL Draft is under way. Well, not officially, but after Jeff Ireland's 'Freudian slip' about taking a guy who can help their defense, the Miami Dolphins signing Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long anyway. It was a nice smokescreen, but we're getting used to these draft day misdirections.

Now we know where pick No.1 is headed, we can all start speculating about who the St Louis Rams are going to pick at No.2. It's not impossible that the Rams could have their player of choice under contract by Draft Saturday, but considering the machinations necessary for Jake Long and Miami to come to a deal, Miami will probably drag out the announcement for the full fifteen minutes.

Really, couldn't the NFL reduce these selection times? I'd like to think that when the opening bell sounds, we can go straight into the Miami/Jake Long photo opportunity and the Rams' time allocation. Let's see: The first pick is a done deal, the Rams have 15 minutes max, and the Falcons will most likely use every second of theirs. In theory, the Raiders should be on the clock by minute 31. Too much to ask?

Whomever the Rams pick — DEs Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, or DT Glenn Dorsey — the draft should really get interesting at those third and fourth overall picks by the Falcons and Raiders respectively. There are strong rumors that Raiders owner Al Davis is smitten by the garish talent of runner Darren McFadden, to the extent that he would pass over Chris Long, son of Raiders legend Howie Long, were he available at pick number four — even if his coach Lane Kiffin is angling for the defensive end.

The stronger that rumor becomes, the wider the options of draft day tactics for the Atlanta Falcons, picking ahead of them at no.3.

With six picks in the first three rounds (1 in the first, 3 in the second and 2 in the third), the Falcons could elect to stay where they are, take their choice from the defensive line studs mentioned above, and then address desperate needs at cornerback, quarterback and tight end with the rest of the day's selections. On the other hand, with at least two of those studs plus top offensive weapon McFadden still on the board, the Falcons will certainly be listening to any suitors who want to trade in ahead of the unpredictable Raiders. Dallas have two first round picks and are in the market for a running back. Other teams could offer a first round selection and a slew of picks that Atlanta could parlay back into a second 1st round choice. Finally, if the Falcons think Boston College's QB Matt Ryan is far and away THE quarterback of the draft (as opposed to Louisville's Brian Brohm, long speculated as the heir to Michael Vick's throne if Bobby Petrino had stayed as coach), that would be a heck of way to exorcize all the demons of 2007.

The Falcons shouldn't, of course, be going after Darren McFadden themselves, having freed Michael Turner from his role as LaDainian Tomlinson's backup in San Diego. Then again, neither should the Raiders. They still have the potentially explosive Michael Bush, a 2007 fourth round pick who has yet to feature since fully recovering from a serious injury while in college. Oakland also arranged a new contract with RB Justin Fargas. So what happens to Bush if McFadden ends up in Oakland? If I'm a team in search of a good running back for a mid–round pick, I'm straight onto the phone to Al Davis.

Of course, these 'Al Davis 4 Darren McFadden' rumors might have been started by the Falcons in the first place – it wouldn't be the first misdirection of the week.


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