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October 19 2021

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Observations, Opinion & Occasional Silliness by Richard L Gale

In Denver, The Incredible Sulk Continues
March 17, 2009


When the 'Jay Cutler not traded' story broke a couple of weeks ago, I regarded it as a storm in a teacup. No trade had happened, the specifics were speculative, and such tentative evaluations of a player's market value go on a lot more often than we — or the players themselves — hear about.

However, I'd overlooked the 'personality' factor. I'd always taken hints at Cutler's childish demeanor as a convenient caricature, a device of the media and bloggers to delineate between one young upcoming QB and another. This week, I'm of a different opinion. I think Jay Cutler’s been smoked out over the course of the past week or so.

Everybody gets upset sometime over actual or perceived slights against them — it's part of life. Whether it's a work colleague or a member of your golf club, somebody, at some point, will do something that grates with you. You might scowl, you might growl, you might challenge them according to your nature. You're angry, or frustrated, you react. and often that initial reaction isn't even a conscious decision. How you behave thereafter is a measure of maturity, however.

I remember one employer, years back, who would psyche herself up into massive rages over the tiniest of details. She'd do so in the course of one sentence, starting out calm, and then proceeding through the octaves until she was a wailing, thrashing banshee — all within the space of six seconds. Even as she spoke, the issue would grow in her mind from a nuisance to a personal affront. And then she would storm out.

Five minutes later, she was fine. She'd blown her top, and then she was fine. Work carried on, she held no grudge, and whoever she had exploded at (which was a fairly random factor) would just laugh off the ridiculous rant. As dramatic a scene as she might have created, we all just lived with it as one of the punctuation marks of the day, because the one thing she didn't do was sulk.

I think the rift between Denver quarterback Jay Cutler and new coach Josh Daniels has exposed the quarterback beyond all reasonable doubt as a Sulk.

At first, I looked at Cutler's numbers and was incredulous that they would seriously consider trading such a talent. If Cutler has a losing record that's a lot more to do with the defense than what has been happening under center, and Cutler is coming off his first Pro Bowl. But at the same time, a coach or general manager is supposed to evaluate the personnel they have, ensure that they fix the things that are broken, assess the value of the assets on the team. If they made a call or two, or fielded a call or two, what of it? This is a team with a really good young quarterback, but little more than a shower or confetti when it comes to covering and tackling. So they investigated Cutler's market value.

Cutler’s reaction has been... revealing.

Cutler was upset that the Broncos would even consider trading him.
Then he put his Denver home on the market.
He met with his coach: "[McDaniels] did most of the talking" explained Cutler.
According to some reports, that just made things worse.
On Sunday night he informed his agent Bus Cook he does now want a trade.
And then Monday he didn't turn up to his coach's first team meeting. Instead, he reportedly flew back to his other home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Considering no trade happened, and that this rift has been going on for two weeks since, this looks to me like a whole lot of sulking.

As of this morning, I no longer think this is a storm in a teacup. This sulk has turned what could have been a salvageable situation into a doomed relationship. The thing about sulking is that it creates an atmosphere, a mental fug that fills a locker room, a silence more deafening than any verse from a wide receiver’s 'me, me, me' songsheet, because this is the quarterback, this is somebody who is supposed to lead.

Yesterday, the Josh McDaniels era started in Denver, and Jay Cutler wasn't aboard. Now I'm not so sure he ever will be. If Cutler trade rumors turn into a self–fulfilling prophecy, and Cutler's stronger–than–Elway arm finds a destination with a defense, then you can forget T.O., Housh, and Haynesworth — Cutler’s bottom lip may prove to be the NFL’s most significant offseason story.


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