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September 25 2021

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Observations, Opinion & Occasional Silliness by Richard L Gale

Will Goodell Hand Out Hard Time?
July 1, 2009


When it comes to crime and punishment, I guess I fall into the 'wishy washy liberal' category. I've always suspected 'hardliners' of being egotists more interested in projecting themselves as 'tough guys' than understanding or solving social issues. I'm not an American voter, but if I were, well, let's say I wouldn't Rush to judgement.

Then again, like most people, I wake up some mornings in a hanging mood.

On March 14, Cleveland Browns receiver Donte' Stallworth got drunk, got in his car, and knocked a guy down, killing him. This past month Stallworth was given just 30 days jail time. Sure, there's 1000 hours of community service and he'll be on probation for a decade, but that's just window dressing. A series of lectures to kids about 'taking responsibility', and a 'don't do it again' finger wag. Don't expected any bleeding heart routine from me — Stallworth is privileged to be an NFL star, has a Bentley (but not, it seems, a chauffeur) and a contract that probably pays him more money than victim Mario Reyes earned in his lifetime. Enough money that Stallworth was able to settle with Reyes' family rather than face a civil lawsuit.

Well, Stallworth won't be earning that money this year, at least. This past month NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Stallworth from the NFL indefinitely, without pay. And for the first time, I'm liking the application of the NFL's conduct policy.

Let's face it, the NFL personal conduct policy is a nebulous beast, with the latitude to hand out draconian penalties for whatever the Commissioner considers a transgression. You don't have to be convicted of something. Just being arrested or questioned about an incident counts under the policy, if Adam 'Pacman 'Jones is an example — Pacman served more of his NFL suspension before he was convicted of anything than after. It seems to me that the application of the policy presumes guilt.

As for what conduct requires what punishment, it's Commissioner's whim as far as I can tell. But I like 'indefinitely', especially in the case of Stallworth. For one thing, it denies the erstwhile player the opportunity to easily recoup the money wafted at the dead man's family to make them go away. For another, it sends a message that wasn't sent clearly enough when former Commissioner Tagliabue suspended Leonard Little for just eight games under similar circumstances.

Also notable is the way 'indefinitely' sidesteps direct comparison between the killer of a man and a killer of dogs — the issue of Michael Vick's reinstatement still lurks. Who deserves tougher punishment: accidental killers of men or deliberate killers or animals? I accept no excuses for either, neither do most 'right-minded people' (ah, see how easily I slip into the lingo), and any hint of a draconian response from Goodell is welcome. Ban 'em for life I say! Well, banish 'em to the United Football League for a year or two, anyway.

I'll skip detailed comment on Vick (my editor doesn't encourage that sort of language), and move onto the third punishment Commish Goodell is deliberating: that of Plaxico Burress. If I'm honest, my first reaction to Burress' incident last year was to snicker (or, as I'm English, snigger), because a wishy-washy liberal like me is uncomfortable with the idea of the general public wandering around fully loaded, so the idea of somebody buying a gun for protection, and then Glocking himself in the thigh while adjusting his pants appeals to my sense of irony. At the time, I figured Burress had taught himself a lesson.

However, if the Commissioner is as tough on Burress as Stallworth, I may be sharing his hardline stance now — because I'm a wishy-washy liberal who doesn't like guns. It's just blind luck that in Stallworth's case a man died, while in Burress' case the damage was self-inflicted. Guns do kill people, but usually when in the possession of somebody who shouldn't have a gun. Cars and drunks work out much the same way, except intoxication is easier to measure than stupidity.

What Goodell has correct is to be dealing with these cases now, in the offseason. Mid-season, football players can do no wrong (apart from that most heinous of crimes, celebrating a touchdown). If they do something stupid at 2am, they're never more than a few days from their next reception, and the fans are too busy idolizing the stars to give them a prolonged cold shoulder when they foul up. For that reason, there is no more powerful time to be Roger Goodell than mid-Summer.

I'm just hoping Goodell doesn't choose now to be less hardline than me.


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