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Allen Hurns, Jaguars SPORTS | NFL London: Jags vs Colts Roundup full write-up
By Gary Jordan
Published October 2016
Domata Peko SPORTS | Summer Bowl: Brit Kids and Fans Meet NFL Stars
By Gary Jordan
Published August 2016
Jared Goff SPORTS | Up Arrow Down Arrow: NFL Off Season
By Richard L Gale
Published July 2016
Nic Roldan SPORTS | Profile: Nic Roldan American Polo Star
Interviewed by Michael Burland
Published July 2016
Zack Test 2012 SPORTS | Eagles Over Rio
By Gary Jordan
Published July 2016
Dustin Johnson SPORTS | A Daily Fantasy
By Darren Kilfara
Published July 2016
Chad Hine SPORTS | NFL International Series
By Gary Jordan
Published May 2016
Jordan Spieth SPORTS | Whither Spieth?
By Darren Kilfara
Published May 2016
Alex Gordon SPORTS | MLB Season Preview 2016
By Jay B Webster
Published May 2016
Tyler Seguin SPORTS | NHL Playoff Preview
By Jeremy Lanaway
Published May 2016
Impression of New LA Rams Stadium SPORTS | Sports News
By Michael Burland
Published March 2016
Screenshot of Fox Sports' US Open TV coverage SPORTS | Golf in the Den
By Darren Kilfara
Published March 2016
Ben McAdoo SPORTS | Sideline
By Richard L Gale
Published March 2016
Cam Newton SPORTS | NFL Honors
By Sam Beresford
Published March 2016
SPORTS | SPORTS | Whither Spieth
By Darren Kilfara
Published April 12, 2016
SPORTS | MLB Season Preview 2016
By Gary Jordan
Published February 2016
SPORTS | Manning's Last Rodeo?
By Gary Jordan
Published February 2016
SPORTS | NFL Honors 2016
By Sam Beresford
Published February 2016
SPORTS | Rams move to LA
By Gary Jordan
Published January 2016
SPORTS | College Football Bowl Season Preview
By Richard Gale
Published January 2016
SPORTS | Sideline: NFL Commissioner Goodall
By Richard Gale
Published January 2016
SPORTS | Super Bowl 50 Preview
By Gary Jordan
Published January 2016
SPORTS | The Confidential Guide to my Golfing Life
By Darren Kilfara
Published January 2016
SPORTS | NFL in London: Dolphins v Jets
By Gary Jordan
Published November 2015
SPORTS | Hockey Yarns: NHL Season Preview
By Jeremy Lanaway
Published November 2015
SPORTS | US Wheelchair Rugby
Published September 2015
SPORTS | NFL International Season: London games preview
By Gary Jordan
Published September 2015
SPORTS | NFL Season Preview: Settling Old Scores
By Gary Jordan
Published September 2015
SPORTS | NFL College Football Season Preview
By Richard Gale
Published September 2015
SPORTS | Sideline: Cheerleaders and Mascots
By Richard Gale
Published August 2015
SPORTS | Golf: US Open Fiasco – The Legacy of Chambers Bay
By Darren Kilfara
Published August 2015
SPORTS | Golfing Perfection
By Darren Kilfara
Published July 2015
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, photo by Jim Biever NFL Honors On The MVP Red Carpet: The night before the Super Bowl the NFL held its annual awards ceremony

Super Bowl 2015 Neil Reynolds

Super Bowl Preview The Sky Sports NFL expert chats to The American's own Josh Modaberi

Chris Jericho Chris Jericho The rock'n'rolling wrestler talks about the release of his third autobiography.

Al Snow Al Snow Talks British Bootcamp 2 World class grappler turns TNA producer and British Bootcamp judge.

Matt Hardy Matt Hardy When it comes to business, his aim is simple: the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Gunner Gunner When it comes to business, his aim is simple: the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Wentworth Golf: Coarse Architecture The Eagle Eyed Darren Kilfara takes a good look at bad golf course design: why spoil perfection?
Eric Young The TNA's new World Heavyweight Champion says he will defend his title against anybody, any place, any time
NFL London NFL at Wembley 2014: Detroit v Atlanta The second International Series game... what a thriller.

World Cup Preview 2014 Can Jurgen Klinsmann lead the USA to World Cup victory? We look at all the opposition.
Gunner Croke Park Classic 'American football' made its way to Irish shores as Penn State and University of Central Florida hit Dublin.
Samoa Joe Joe says it's time for the new boys of TNA to step up to the plate... but they'd better watch out for him!
MLB Season Preview 2014 Mike Trout of the Anaheim Angels features in our season preview. Is he "the best player in baseball"?
Fast Eddie Chambers Joins Team Fury Brit Heavyweight Tyson Fury & his dad Peter tell us about working with US boxer Eddie Chambers
MVP Montel Vontavious Porter on his time in WWE, NJPW and TNA
Missing at Maui Why Rory McIlroy missed Maui (Caroline Wozniacki?), the tabloidification of golf, and how climate change leads to birdies and bogeys!
Vernon Kay – British TV's Football Guy The TV presenter plays the play as well as talking the talk, he tells The American's Josh Modaberi
Kurt Angle Interview The WWE, NJPW and TNA star, and former Olympic Gold Medalist, talks to The American's Josh Modaberi
Diamonds for Christmas The 2013 season reviewed by Jay B Webster
Gail Kim Interview One of the finest female wrestlers of her generation talks to The American's fight fella, Josh Modaberi.
49ers v Jags at Wembley A great night for the visitors (that's San Francisco, sports fans) and a bad time for the home team (...Jacksonville).
NFL Diary London 2013: San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville Jaguars The NFL hits London again. Josh Modaberi meets the teams.
Bully Ray Interview Josh Modaberi, The American's grapple guru, talks to one half of one of the greatest tag teams to ever step foot inside the squared circle
Buckle Up – October Baseball Is Here Jay B Webster puts another baseball season in the rear view mirror and looks forward to the playoffs
Vikes Victorious, Steelers stumble to 0-4 in London The Pittsburgh Steelers visited two places this past Sunday: London and Stark Reality, says Richard L Gale in his regular Sideline column
MLB: What To Believe In Baseball's PEDs crisis is exacerbated by the stats, writes Jay B Webster
London Lions fend off Manchester Giants Natimi Black-Heaven reports from London's home opener as the British Basketball season gets under way in the (Copper) Box that Rocks
NFL Diary London 2013: Steelers vs Vikings The NFL hits London again. Josh Modaberi, The American's roving sports reporter, meets the teams.
NFL Week 2: London-bound teams go 0-4.
Breathless Offense: Did we just witness the start of a new NFL era? asks Richard L Gale
MLB: What To Believe In: Baseball's PEDs crisis is exacerbated by the stats, writes Jay B Webster
The Eve of War... Get caught up with Richard L Gale's NFL predictions, now with added NFC!
Iowa Hawkeyes crush London Lions ...but London's Copper Box debut is a sell-out success. Natimi Black-Heaven reports.
Interview. Uche Nwaneri, Jacksonville Jaguars veteran guard chats to The American's Josh Modaberi
2013 C-USA Preview
2013 Mid-American Preview
2013 Football Independents Preview
2013 Sun Belt Preview
2013 AAC Preview
Interview: Minnesota Vikings veteran D-lineman Kevin Williams
Interview: Steelers guard Ramon Foster
Interview: Donte Whitner, San Francisco safety
Interview: USA Rugby Director Jim Snyder
English Premier League Preview 2013
Richard L Gale's Sideline column: Why NFL PED bans worry me less than A-Rod
Reigning Women's Knockout Champion, TNA's Mickie James, interviewed
Baseball's Dark Cloud: Jay B Webster, Brewers fan, reacts to the suspension of Ryan Braun
Shahid Khan cements London connection: Gary Jordan reports on the Jags owner adding Fulham to his sports portfolio
Brooklynettes visit London
Big Ben meets Big Ben. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger drops by Westminster. The American's Josh Modaberi caught up with him.
Interview: Jim Ross. 'The Voice' of the WWE chats to The American about his spoken word tour of the UK. And his own BBQ's sauces!
AFC Wimbledon Survival Success: They didn't win the league, so why are they celebrating like they won the Cup?
The Last World On... THE 2013 NFL DRAFT. The dust has settled and the final grades are in.
Manchester's Menelik Watson awaits NFL call. Josh Modaberi catches up with one the draft’s top prospects.
British Olympian bids for NFL future: Draft-day hopeful Lawrence Okoye speaks with The American’s Josh Modaberi.
NFL Draft Review 2012
NFL Draft Review 2011
NFL Draft Review 2010
NFL Draft Review 2009
Sideline: Manning Madness, Timsanity, and Bountygate
Sideline: Still Doubting Eli?
Sideline: The London Rams – First Reactions
ESPN Analysts Tedy Bruschi and Trent Dilfer preview the NFL Championship Games
Obituary: Joe Paterno
Sideline: Predictive Text
Sideline: Yes, Non–Conference Games DO Count
NCAA Preview 2009
Sideline: Time For The Talking To Stop
Sideline: In Memory of Air McNair
Sideline: Will Goodell Hand Out Hard Time?
Sideline: Marshall's Not Joshing
NFL Draft: No Rush To Judgment
NFL Draft Analysis 2009 (Part 2)
Sideline: NFL Draft Thoughts (Part 2)
Sideline: NFL Draft Thoughts
Sideline: Will Play For Food
Sideline: Wonderlic Scores
Sideline: Manning and Sanchez
Sideline: 2010 Leagues Sci–fi, or Fantasy? / March Madness
Sideline: Break Out The Brackets
Sideline: LaDainian Tomlinson On The Record
Sideline: The Incredible Sulk Continues
Sideline: Guildford Heat Fired Up
Sideline: Super Bowl thoughts from the Valley of the Sun
Sideline: I know I came in here for something
Sideline: College Football National Signing Day
Sideline: 27 Points — 27 Super Bowl thoughts
Sideline: An Epic QB Matchup?
Sideline: Appreciating Arizona for What They Were
Sideline: NFL Divisional Weekend Preview
Sideline: Bowl Season Hangover
Sideline: Six weeks Later
Sideline: Wildcard Weekend Preview
Sideline: Santa's Sackings
Sideline: A Weis Decision ...for Now
Sideline: Eye on the Ticker
Sideline: Lions — An Anagram of Losin
Sideline: Ready for the Turkey
Sideline: Making it to the Big Dance
Sideline: Brighter Days Ahead for Chargers?
Sideline: Unnecessary Hits To The Pocket / Upset: BYU
Sideline: Romo's Pause / Seattle Seahawks
Sideline: Weekend Prep: Red River and More
Sideline: College Football's 'Crossroads' Weekend
Sideline: Gramatical Error
Sideline: Turning The Page
Sideline: So Cal 'Quizzed
Sideline: 3rd Tuesday Panic / Forté Yard Dash
Sideline: Two and Oh; Oh and Two
Sideline: No More NCAAffeine
Sideline: Week 1 College Football
Sideline: How To Spell Heisman / Chad Ocho Cinco
Sideline: A Second Slice
Sideline: The Favre story STILL won't go away
Sideline: Olympic Notes / Ricky's Still Relevant
Sideline: Committee Meetings
Sideline: Let the QB Battles Begin
Sideline: Slinging The Slinger — More Favre
Interview: Clint Dempsey
Sideline: Welcome to the 2008 season
Sideline: Plus One
2008 NFL Draft Review
Sideline: Draft: The Morning After
Sideline: Draft: Thinking the Unthinkable
Sideline: Draft: Ready For The Long Haul
Sideline: Sofa–bound Sport
Sideline: Post–Winter Wonderland
Sideline: Six Impossible Things
Sideline: Brady's Misdirection Play
Sideline: Colorful Language
Sideline: Let the Romo–bashing begin
Sideline: Bowl Bites: The Wrap
Sideline: All About The Coaches
Sideline: Bowl Bites 3
Sideline: Bowl Bites 2
Sideline: Bowl Bites 1
Sideline: Coach Situations Vacant
Sideline: For Some, The Playoffs Are Now
Sideline: A Certain Lack Of Welcome
Sideline: Unrelated Notes
Sideline: Two Thanksgiving thoughts
Sideline: Halftime: NFC
Sideline: Halftime: AFC
Sideline: London / A Tale of Two Chads / Intimidation
Sideline: Damp Squib / Other London Notes
Sideline: Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em / Dolphins – The Aftermath
Sideline: The Dolphins Did What?
Sideline: Notes on the Defenses
Sideline: Habits to be Broken
Sideline: Overtime
Sideline: This Week's Starters
Sideline: USF: Covering The Spread / Fantastic Football
Sideline: Grossman: The Final Act? / McNabb, the Epilogue
Sideline: Eagles QB in Slight Controversy
Sideline: Leftwich's Parting Gift / Boos cruise
Sideline: Notre Dame M.I.A.
Sideline: Looking Beyond NFL Wk. 1
Sideline: Best Hope For Heisman
Sideline: Coaching Hot Seats / AP Poll Feeling ’Appy
Sideline: The NFL’s Prime Cuts
Sideline: Michigan Falls to Killer Apps
Sideline: Look Out Couch / The Taint's On You, Bud


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