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Beacon Global Seminars
Understanding the Implications of US FATCA

Financial Experts, Beacon Financial Education / Beacon Global Group, are returning to London this fall, with a new set of financial awareness seminars for American expats and US connected individuals. Apart from their basic/intermediate level "Understanding Expat Finances", they will introduce the advanced level "Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management" as well as the Americans / US Nexus only seminar "Understanding the implications of US FATCA" this fall.

The seminars covers a range of topics from Lifestyle Planning and (Cross-Border) Retirement Strategies, as well as International Life Insurance Strategies and Tax Efficient Inheritance Planning to Investment Diversification, Portfolio Management and – of course – US FATCA compliant Wealth Management.

IMMEDIATE REGISTRATION to attend one (or more) of BFE's free seminars

Event Calendar

September 7, 2017: Understanding Expat Finances | CCT Barbican – Register Here
September 21, 2017: Understanding Expat Finances | Crowne Plaza Kensington – Register Here
October 5, 2017: Understanding the Implications of US FATCA | CCT Barbican – Register Here
October 19, 2017: Understanding the Implications of US FATCA | Crowne Plaza Kensington – Register Here
November 2, 2017: Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management | CCT Barbican – Register Here
November 16, 2017: Investment Diversification & Portfolio Management | Hilton Cobham – Register Here
November 30, 2017: Understanding the Implications of US FATCA | CCT Barbican – Register Here

CCT Venue Barbican, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, LONDON, EC1A 4JA
Crowne Plaza Kensington, 100 Cromwell Road, LONDON, SW7 4ER
Hilton Cobham, Seven Hills Road South, COBHAM, K11 1EW

To find out more about Beacon Financial Education/Beacon Global Group or if you wish to have a private consultation with one of their independent financial advisors, do contact them via their website at

Beacon Financial Education does not provide financial, tax or legal advice. None of the information on this site should be considered financial, tax or legal advice. You should consult your financial, tax or legal advisers for information concerning your own specific tax/legal situation.

London Bridge terror

London Bridge & Borough Market attack
Photo: Twitter

7 people were killed and around 48 injured just after 10pm on June 3 in the area around London Bridge and Borough Market (south of the River Thames). A white delivery van repeatedly drove onto the sidewalk and hit pedestrians on London Bridge. The assailants drove to nearby Borough Market, got out and attacked many people with knives. Armed police arrived quickly and shot and killed the terrorists, who appeared to be wearing exposive sucide vests, which later turned out to be fake.

Do you have images or video of the incident? The investigation is being led by the Counter Terrorism Command who ask that anybody who has images or film of the incident pass them on to the police at

Assistance for Americans: At this stage it is not known if any American citizens have been involved in the incident but if you know of any who require assistance you can contact the US Embassy London's Special Consular Services unit by telephone +44 (0)20-7499-9000 or via the contact form on the Embassy website. There is also an emergency telephone number for those concerned about friends or loved ones: call the Casualty Bureau on 0800 0961 233.

The London Bridge and Borough Market were at the time of writing (Sunday morning, June 4) in lockdown. The Embassy urged US citizens in London to avoid those areas and to follow local media and other information sources for additional guidance. You can follow police updates directly via Twitter at @metpoliceuk. Review your personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings, especially in crowds or at large events, and monitor local news sources for updates. Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.

If you are a US citizen in the United Kingdom and you are safe, please let family and friends know, including by updating your status on social media.

For further information and general travel advice follow Tweets from the US Embassy, London at @USAinUK or th State Department at @TravelGov

June 04, 2017
Gibson bass

Electrifying! The truly American guitar
Lecture & Reception
June 15, 2017 18:30 to 21:30
St Giles Church, 60 St Giles High St, London WC2H

The American Museum in Britain invites The American's readers to a Summer Reception with a lecture by Dr Irving Finkel.Dr Finkel is back by popular demand after his scintinllating talk on the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, in which he said that he'd rather talk about electric guitars. Now he is!

The legendary British Museum scholar's discovery in 2014 of a cruciform tablet containing a Great Flood narrative was widely reported and his book, The Ark Before Noah, became an international best seller.

His lecture and the reception will be held at St Giles Church near 'Tin Pan Alley' & Denmark Street & the most famous 'guitar shop street', haunt of rock stars like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Keith Richards. The church is a Palladian gem and a well-known venue for musical concerts.

There's an interesting American collection too: Lord Baltimore, 'Proprietor of Maryland', is buried there.

To reserve your place contact Susan Hill at or call 01225 823010.

May 10, 2017
Tax by

Residency-based Taxation letter sent to Administration and Congress

Groups supporting American expats have sent a letter to President Trump, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, outlining why switching from Citizenship-based to Residency-based taxation for Americans overseas should be enacted.

The Co-sign letter explains that the United States taxes American citizens on their worldwide income regardless where they reside, the source of their income, whether they are or ever have been present in the US – in short, regardless of anything. Almost every other country in the world, with the possible exception of the African country of Eritrea, doesn't tax their citizens like this. They tax when a citizen actually resides in that country.

The letter is signed by ACA, Inc, ACA Global Foundation, Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Abu Dhabi, Americans for Tax Reform and US Wheat Associates. You can read it here

In a press release, Marylouise Serrato of ACA says: "The letter calls on the Administration and Congress to make this historical change and move to Residency-based taxation because it's the fair thing to do and puts Americans overseas in sync with that of citizens of other countries. Americans overseas are the salesman and promoters for US businesses and they should be helped, not senselessly burdened by tax policy. US exporters, especially smaller exporters, want to hire Americans to sell their products in foreign markets, but if they hire Americans, their costs are inflated because it's common for them to absorb the individual's US tax costs. Americans overseas are paying income taxes and often paying high consumption taxes, import duties, and other tax-like charges in the foreign countries where they live. This conversion can be made revenue-neutral, will reduce the disturbing upward trend in US citizenship renunciations and will be simpler to administrate for the US government and taxpayers."

ACA encourages organizations interested in tax reform and American overseas issues to add their names to the letter. To find out more contact Marylouise Serrato, (+1) 202 322 8441 or

May 19, 2017
Gordon Ramsay

Be on Gordon Ramsay's
new Cookery Show

Gordon Ramsay's production company Studio Ramsay, based in London, is working on an exciting cookery series for Fox and are looking to hear from American home cooks who might be interested in the opportunity to take part. The show is an American version of the daytime cookery series Culinary Genius, which recently finished airing on ITV during weekdays (now available to watch on ITV Player). Filming will take place in London between the 1st – 5th July, contestants will be needed for half a day and all travel expenses to the studios will be covered. The series is due to be airing on Fox in the States later this year. There is a cash prize to be won and they would love to hear from competitive cooking enthusiasts, who are up for the challenge!To apply, please send an email at the earliest opportunity to to receive an application form.

May 22, 2017
American Citizens Abroad seeks nomination for award

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA), the nonpartisan, volunteer organization representing the interests of US expats, is calling for nominations for its 2016 Thomas Jefferson Award honoring State Department employees who have given exemplary service to American citizens residing abroad. The award remembers America's first Secretary of State who himself lived outside the new republic for many years while promoting the interests of his country.

The winner receives a framed certificate, and his/her name is engraved on a plaque on display at the State Department. The names of all nominees are sent to State, and mention of nomination is added to their service records. They can be from any rank, from Foreign Service National through Ambassador), on any continent or in Washington, but through personal commitment, creativity and enthusiasm served, inspired and united "their" American communities. Check out previous winners here.

Your nominations should include:
- One or more letters of recommendation from individual Americans and/or groups, explaining why the candidate should be chosen, and citing anecdotes and examples of outstanding service to the local community
- If possible, an outline of the nominee's career to date
- A recent photograph of the candidate
- Your contact details

Send your nomination to:, subject: "Thomas Jefferson Award nomination", or via mail to American Citizens Abroad, Inc., Attention: Thomas Jefferson Award Committee, 11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 100-162, Rockville, MD 20852, USA.

The deadline is 01 June 2017.

Aprril 02, 2017
New £1 Coin
New £1 Coin Launched
From today, March 28th 2017, there is a new design to the British £1 Coin. The new 12-sided coin is designed to be more difficult to counterfeit than it's predecessor, and contains a raft of new security features. The new coin came into circulation today, which means you'll need to be aware of what to do with existing, circular £1 coins.
- For 6 months, the existing circular £1 coins will be legal tender alongside the new 12-sided design.
- This means that you can use the existing circular £1 coins in shops, restaurants and other establishments, as well as the new 12-sided design, until 15th October 2017.
- The Royal Mint recommends that if you have lots of circulat £1 coins, you are advised to deposit these at your bank or spend these by 15th October 2017.
- Be aware that vending machines, ticket machines, self-service payment machines and equipment such as trolley carts and lockers which take £1 coins may not accept the new, 12-sided design.
- After 15th October 2017, you may still be able to exchange circular £1 coins at local banks and Post Offices – check for more details.
So make sure you look behind your couch, in jean pockets, and other places to make sure you don't lose out as a result of the changes!
March 28, 2017


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